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As far as I am concerned tapping a 3rd tier Kennedy to deliver the Dems State of the Union Response is the best thing they can do to help the president.  I wish his Boston accent was as pronounced as his forbears accents were, but he has been Americanized.  What an elitist thing to do.

This writer lays out my opinion of why Trump said he would speak to Mueller, and he explains much better than I could.

Journalist kept quiet about photo of Obama with Nation of Islam leader  You may have seen this last night on Tucker Carlson’s show.  The picture was more or less taken from his control by others.

Soros to Google and Facebook: ‘Your days are numbered’  Gee, he must have seen some of the stuff said about him on Facebook, all true and telling.

Even CNN is reporting the Strzok/Page  texts speaking of Hillary being president and afraid of what could happen to them if she was investigated too harshly.

I wonder if the NYT story that Trump wanted Mueller fired is a plot to find more leakers. It is a story  “according to four people told of the matter.”  On the other hand, maybe they already know.

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