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Gerrymandering is probably here to stay, here’s why.  I don’t know why it took a study to figure this out.

An honor to a black right to life leader is being ignored and the media.

Damned lies, leaks and fake news.  When I hear a leak now I have to be suspicious of the report and wonder what the propaganda behind it is, truth, lies, skewed reporting, preparing us to be ready for a truth or for a lie?  Who can we trust?

Far from this being a classic Republican cave-in, the DACA proposal (is) probably a clever Trumpian deal to outsmart the Democrats and leave them out on their ear.  This makes sense to me, read it and see if it fits with what you’ve heard or read.

Richard Fernandez reports on Davos and it leads into the next link.

Trump’s popularity at Davos was yuugely underreported.

Bookie at Bookworm room blog is glorying in a young leftist who has realized how effective Trump is while not realizing his own glaring bigotry.

Today’s thing that made me smile. It’s a direct copy from Instapundit.
YESTERDAY: President Trump may be giving a speech to a empty room in Davos.
TODAY: Speech Snub: Theresa May gives her speech to a half-empty room in Davos as  the crowds rush out for Donald Trump.

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