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This is appalling about the IRS in the same way the memo is about the FBI, and it includes the FBI.

Radioactive Trump  I think Hanson is beginning to respect Trump in spite of his commonness.  He saw a need for America and he is really doing his best to make America great again.  My words here, VDH says it much better and much longer.

The robber barons of this century, I’ve probably written about this before.  My problem is I use them willingly knowing they are a monopoly with growing power. However, I think the author doesn’t give people enough credit when it comes to looking for the best deals on amazon.

15 Chain Migration Terrorists, sometimes I wonder how the right wing press will be allowed to exist. If we ever lose the house and senate to democrats we are going on the ash heap of history.

Richard Fernandez on “the memo” – Was it Worth it?  I don’t think Democrats really care, they raise a hue and cry but that is all performance art to get the attention away from the real meat of the memo.

No national defense or classified material was harmed in the release of the memo, paraphrasing Bill Cinton.  Instead it reveals the Coup against America.

Do you remember Filegate?”  The first time the Clintons used FBI information illegally.

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