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The last post had a bad link, here is the correct one.

Was John McCain just a useful idiot for the DOJ and others?

The flyer for the going away party for that assistants of Comey’s has some very strange wording.

Why did the FBI try to suppress the Nunes memo?  By the way, I looked up the Nunes biography because it appears to be an Hispanic name, in this case it is Portuguese, a closely related language.  Some consider it among the Hispanic languages.  Many don’t.  Many more opinions if you google it.

Google has your data, Tucker Carlson had a piece about it, Richard Fernandez has another one and now Patriot Post has one.  Do we need to take back our data.  How would we do that?  A long time ago many of us shared our genealogy data, it is out there for anyone to see. Now our phones and computers, as well as other internet devices are tracking our every move.

A Uranium Ore informant has some damning evidence, but Democrats say  “Move on along, nothing to see here.”

More heads rolling from the FISA investigations- see the flow chart.

Did Obama micro manage, or did he just have people in place whose views mirrored his so strongly he didn’t have to micro manage?

The intrigue in these messages is just so damning and it saddens me greatly.  What and where is our country going and who is she going to promote? Will it be capitalism, or socialism and a dictatorship.

The irony in this group of messages is so apparent to us, but these two and their cohorts were blind to it.

You might want to read the whole article that starts out this well:  For those who wiled away pleasant undergraduate hours debating whether Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s Brave New World was the better predictor of our destiny, how remarkable to discover Lewis Carroll was the most prescient of them all.

And you will probably want to read this one, too. How The Media Buried Two Huge FBI Stories Yesterday  but you may have noticed that part anyway.

Colder Winters are coming, summers, too.

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