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If you want to become an FBI or CIA agent, no matter your previous experience, you must Think Like a Liberal.

This is a scary analogy, I hope the interference of the intelligence agencies becomes a thing of the past, but I have my doubts.  This is a last chance for us.

This is just creepy, I do not plan to donate my body but if I did I would put stipulations for it.

Ceil comes through with another gem: ‘Hire the best and fire the worst’: Trump proposes biggest civil service change in 40 years  I predict whining and crying, maybe even pink pussy hats.

The Newseum is a monument of absurd self-praise. Journalists and journalism worshiping themselves.  I guess it’s a little like a Hollywood museum.

The current scandal of intelligence services doing the political work of an opposition party is far worse than the Watergate scandal.

He said, she said.  We know it happens, some women do abuse men.

Solar cycles explained, why it’s going to get colder and then warmer and so on ad infinitum. Also this on global cooling, coming from liberal University of California, no less, but with a comic twist.

We Should Care About What Happened to Carter Page: The former Trump aide’s reputation has been ruined — not by a conviction, not by any charges, but by a warrant that was supposed to be secret.  Via Instapundit.

Real food for real thought, We All Live on Campus Now.

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