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A little hard to wade through, but do it, all interesting on the setup against the man and people who elected him.

Georgia is considering a highway for trucks only.  We used to call that railroads.

Other countries are having border problems, too.

The same as brick throwing in the Chicago way is what they have done to Trump.

You probably haven’t seen anything about Iran’s latest attack against Israel. It didn’t work.

Cartel Connection: Drug bust hailed as Bay State’s biggest  Not all problems with Mexico are along the borders.

Hillary and her weird friends were responsible for a lot of salacious material in that dossier.

Hmmm…… Bill Preistap not the fall guy, the man who stands amid the rubble?  This will be interesting to see if it is true.  Like the Sherlock Holmes story of the dog who didn’t bark?

This is a very serious article by an extreme liberal, the editor of the The Nation.   Russiagate or Intelgate. He has recognized what we are facing, an almost coup by the intel agencies. Not his words, but mine.

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