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There is a lot about what is not normal about this presidency, Ben Shapiro doesn’t mention by name the main one, the attitude of the media. The total lack of respect, the total lack of looking at any fact that doesn’t make their side of the story, which is to bring down the president.  The hatred I see in social media is also not normal, not in the country I was brought up in, the one called the UNITED States of America. We are in a very not normal state of siege by the press who seem to think they have to burn down the village to rid the town of the plague of the Trump presidency.

The Trump, Clinton Scandals Are Claiming A Lot Of Bodies — At FBI And Justice  Draining the swamp, but there are many alligators left.

The leftists in Israel are really, really after Netanyahu.

James Comey has been sneaky all along, has he also lied to Congress?

How could the news media fail to mention this: Obama’s Senior Policy Adviser for Education Was Arrested and Prosecuted For Taking Upskirt Pictures of Unknowing Women at a Metro Station, and Somehow We’re Just Learning This Over a Year Later and learning it from The Daily Mail UK at that!

Apparently that NSA thing this morning was some real Darwin Award winners thinking they were avoiding the police by turning into the wrong spot.  On the other hand I may have flattered them by calling them Darwin Award Winners – from Wikipedia: The criterion for the awards states, “In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives.  There were no fatalities.

Ahhh…. The Susan Rice Memo, is she CYAing herself?  John Hindraker thinks so.

Scott Adams explains something about how the media used Charlottesville against Trump.  At the time I realized this and knew exactly what was said as opposed to what they were reporting. You may have also.  Anyway read this, it confirms what we knew and thought, but sometimes it is good to be confirmed in your views, and that is why the anti-Trumpers were so eager to accept the worst interpretation.

One reason to live on the Gulf Coast in S Texas. But I doubt Yellowstone will erupt in my lifetime.

CAUGHT IN CORRUPTION: Yahoo Needs To Fire Michael Isikoff Or Perish

Not the funny of the day, but the most ironic. NFL Player Who Kneeled to Protest Police Brutality Arrested for Domestic Violence and sadly, not a surprise.

Not funny but ironic from Instapundit: BuzzFeed is being sued by a multimillionaire who says he was falsely connected to the alleged “hacking” in the now infamous “Steele Dossier” that BuzzFeed published wholesale, without any fact-checking.  Read the whole thing.

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      Thanks, Ed. Hope you had a good one. At our age we didn’t even go out for dinner will do it another time when it won’t be crowded.

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