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Interesting article on Republicans with a globalists agenda exposing their opinions to the press and not realizing they were doing so.

Google was some of the big money behind the effort to label conservative sites as “fake news.”

Google turns on default adblocker within Chrome I have an adblocker on my browsers. I commonly use Firefox and Chrome.  Many pages ask that you disable your adblocker to read their news articles.  On some that works, but Firefox and now Chrome have some built in adblockers it is hard to disable. So you either pay to read the site or you pass it by. I pass them by.

The Media Stopped Reporting The Russia Collusion Story Because They Helped Create It I hadn’t noticed they had stopped reporting on it. I don’t believe they have, but an interesting read.

Now, this I didn’t hear reported at all, but of course there was that school shooting to get everyone else (except Mika and Joe) off the presidential political fake new for a while. Adam Schiff contradicts Pelosi and admits Dem memo does contain ‘sources and methods’

Mueller seems to be trying to cover up something a little bit on the sleazy side re Flynn.  This may turn out to get really, really interesting.

Normalizing Democrat Violence  there seems to be no holds on violence upon Republicans but on the other hand the dems are all over media on gun control today.  Did they do that when Scalise was shot?

I cannot imagine or follow all the spy vs spy intrigue going on investigating, who knew what, who did what, why who did what, but you and I might gain a little knowledge reading this.

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