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Exploding stories today!  But life goes on, the president keeps presidenting and the media keep trying to stop him.  All is going as usual.

Biggest one just broke, it’s Friday doncha know, Mueller finally has some indictments, I think he is working for Facebook who sold ads to those Russians, unknowingly, of course. Frankly I laughed when I heard what he had done, really? The Russians?  You think they will come for trial?  ‘ Rosenstein said his team has not had communication with Russia about the indictments and would go through normal channels for the extradition of those indicted. However, the U.S. government has no extradition treaty with Russia. In the past, Russia has not cooperated with these requests.”

Funny coincidence how it happened these articles came out today: Inside the Two Years That Shook Facebook—and the World  (Zuckerberg, king of the world), and Garrett Graff on Trump, Mueller, Russia, and Cybersecurity (do you think there might have been some high level leaking going on that the media did NOT report, except for this?)

Soros funds may get their comeuppance.

What’s Oozing Out of Campuses Is Polluting Society  Many of us have noticed this in the youngsters we love.

DNC Fundraises Off Florida Shooting  not for the first time.

It is easy to hoax those who want to believe the worst, no he wasn’t a white supremacist.

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