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Several of these articles linked are very long, they are also very informative and thought provoking.  Skim if you must, but try to get to all of them.

There have been many facebook posts blaming Trump for making it easy for mentally ill people to buy guns, Not True, read this.

Mueller and Lois Lerner in the same sentence may sound odd, but they conspired against conservative groups seeking 501(c)(4) status.

You might be interested in this discussion on the history of liberalism/progressivism.

If Muellers indictment isnt a nothingburger you could be forgiven for making that mistake I suspect the grand jury who voted on this thought they were doing good. I feel a little sorry for them, I wonder how educated they were. It was in DC.

Brennan- just how intelligent is this man? Not the title of this article, but my reaction to it. Sly, and sleazy are words that come to mind. Was this whole Russiagate thing also a way to get back at Comey. If so, that part has partially worked. There is much more to this story, probably a few books to get the facts straight sometime in the future.

Ann Althouse says the New York Times insults our intelligence in not knowing what is false and what is not in social media. She has more faith in the American people. I’m not sure about some of them but ONE liberal has said “We were punked about 45.” Meaning she knew she had fallen into the hate trap of liberals on facebook. She has posted some very nasty stuff re Trump.

George Soros doesn’t want people of any nation to hear the truth, or even both sides of a story.

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