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The Lobby industries top 50.  I wonder where the unions rank.  It isn’t shown here.

What in the world has happened to George Will’s mind?

When the media ignores the real issues killings just go on and on. Chicago.

The Politics of indictments.

Yes, it is time to speak out and fight back at discrimination against conservatives by the liberal bullies.

EPA stops funding Fake News I didn’t know we were paying for this.

This is where Broward County went wrong, following down the wrong liberal path.

I don’t know there is anything I can link about the Schiff memo that tells you anything you didn’t already know but here’s one anyway.

The Perils of NeoLiberalism.  I didn’t read it all but you might want to.

Have you heard the Dems are not backing Feinstein for reelection?  I wish it were Nancy.

I am glad I did not have a victim in this shooting, this second guessing is very sad. EMS first responder shares harrowing account of how botched Florida shooting response was. Via Instapundit.

Also from Instapundit, (it is behind a paywall.  I can access on my iPad but not on my computer) Actually, there is a clear link between mass shootings and mental illness.

And here is an AP correction you can laugh about.  Be sure you read Steven Hayward’s last lines about it.

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