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Remember that book and the movie, “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming?” That’s probably about they time they started moving in. The movie was a comedy, real life isn’t.  Foreign Firm Funding U.S. Green Groups Tied to State-Owned Russian Oil Company

Multiply this by how many times…Mexican man assumes American’s identity for 37 years, steals $361,000 in government benefits  They were on his trail because someone tried it again using the same identity. Note: this is the one we know about, in the article it says he was discovered because the owner of the mail box site was suspicious of a number of people.

The democrats are furious about this speech telling the truth about guns, gun laws and their intent.

A Statute that should never have been ordered.

It was Obama.

I no longer even look at the Houston paper so I did not know about the democratic war going on there.

More Mueller Madness, while Trump is accused of going off the rails, Mueller actually is.

On Tariffs, Hold the Hysteria,  John Hindraker in Powerline.

Really Bad timing on this scientific paper by climate changers. Study: ‘snowpack levels are a thing of the past’

On the difference between snowflakes and the founding fathers. The author refers only to snowflakes but it is also true for most millennials.

The History of the ‘Assault Weapon’ Hoax. Part 1: The Crime that Started it All

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