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From Ace of Spades: Report: Tillerson Fired Because He Was Directly Undermining Trump’s Efforts to Get Europe to Agree to Tougher Positioning on Iran

The truth is the Mueller investigation is a cover up.

FBI Was Monitoring Florida Muslim Teen Who Stabbed Boy to Death in Name of Islam, Did Nothing to Stop Him for a Year  Another big fail from the FBI.  Are you beginning to think they are all about politics and not about investigating threats?

McCabe should have been fired at least six months ago.  I do not want to pay his pension.

The statute of limitations for prosecuting Clapper for perjury ended Monday.  Why didn’t someone (Sessions perhaps?) do something?

Soros and Silicon Valley billionaires along with Soros funded Fusion GPS and a lawyer gave testimony to that on Nov 3rd.  Why are we just now leaning about it.  Why hasn’t Mueller been stopped?  We all know the answer to that.

You probably won’t see all the Mexican flags and Che tee shirts when you watch this news.

I’m not very literate in economics but I hope the people writing this article are, tax receipts are up, even I can understand that’s a good thing.

Beto O’Rourke Just Showed Everyone How To Lose An Election In Texas

It’s true, for example, that immigrants commit fewer crimes on a percentage basis than natural-born Americans, though the same truth doesn’t apply to illegal immigrants.

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