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FBI disciplinary office recommends firing former deputy director Andrew McCabe. Via Instapundit.  The story is behind the Wapo pay wall but he quotes the relevant parts here.

Telling the federal government one thing and officials in state capitals something entirely different about foreign contributions doesn’t work  California is looking into it.

I will be surprised if Jeff Sessions acts on this, I doubt he will fire McCabe.

I wonder if Kim Jong Un or whoever saw this video of Trump from Oct 1999.  He was tough on them then and will be now.

What can you say to something like this, just unbelievable, but it happened. FBI REMOVED THOUSANDS OF WANTED FUGITIVES FROM BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR GUN PURCHASES

I wouldn’t want to start a conspiracy theory, but I might do it here.  Could the Russians be the ones who killed Seth Rich?  They seem to be openly killing in Great Britain.

Ohio student suspended for staying in class during walkouts  I’ve been seeing this headline posted in Facebook today in many places.  The headline is a little misleading. The student had a choice to walkout or to go to study hall.  He did neither. Study hall would have been a good choice.

The well of deception from the FBI just gets deeper and deeper.  The FISA judge was involved it is revealed.

The media always rewards its leakers.

If you want a little laugh go read this about the New Yorker writer and apparently the editors who do not know corn from wheat. Corn? Wheat? It’s All the Same to the New Yorker!

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