The NRA is endorsing Gun-Violence Restraining Orders. I thought that was already on their agenda.

CNN and its absurd reaction to the firing of McCabe,  I have to admit I was shocked, as you know I predicted he wouldn’t be fired.

These poor kids don’t have a clue how they are being used.  Imagine thinking the UAE really cares about gun control in the USA.

A word of wisdom for Republicans – Stay in the boat and keep rowing.

Also this: CONFESSIONS OF A CONGRESSIONAL STAFFER: “The Three-Part Plan To Destroy Donald Trump & His Supporters”

An interesting interview with Devin Nunes concerning all the leaks.  It’s a video but you should listen.

Democrat speak for truth telling.

What a scary story of what our kids are being taught and what they believe.  I guess this ties in directly to the above link about kids not knowing how they are being used, or brainwashed.

The Big Picture of the Deep State – will we ever see it all exposed, if we do Sundance will have the writeup.

Then there’s this: Meet Hillary Clinton’s Other, Much More Powerful and Shadowy Oppo Research Firm
An interesting take from The Loop,; sent to me by cousin Margaret: BABIES AREN’T US?  Toy store giant Toys R Us is closing down. And it’s obvious that online retailers like Amazon hurt their business. But one reason the company cited? “Our revenue are dependent on the birthrates in countries where we operate. In recent years, many countries’ birthrates have dropped or stagnated…” Maybe Toys R Us shouldn’t have donated to Planned Parenthood for so many yearsREADThe read link leads to the Washington Post which is behind a pay wall to some.

Can you just imagine what would happen had a Republican, representative or part of the deplorable crowd had suggested we use the 2nd amendment to get rid of Obama?  With Trump it’s mentioned by a Democratic Representative and what do we get? Crickets.

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