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A grand jury already is hearing evidence on DOJ and FBI scandals. I may have already posted on this, this is an update and uses information from Sundance at Conservative Treehouse.

 House Probe Accuses Clapper of Misleading Congress  I don’t know what your feeling on Clapper are, but mine are not very respectful.

From Townhall: Wait, What? Andrew McCabe Launched an FBI Investigation Into Attorney General Sessions Because Dems Asked Him To?

McCabe’s Bogus Witch Hunt Of Jeff Sessions Confirms Worst Fears About FBI/DOJ Politicization  from the Federalist on the probe.

Did you hear about this terrorist attack in California?

On a certain gun related ban at Citigroup: No, Citigroup, you must bake the gay wedding cake

A turn around on Judge not, lest you be judged.

Is this Spy vs Spy?  It’s complicated.

I just don’t know anymore – more Spy vs Spy on a different crime?

It isn’t much, but I guess a bucket of rocks is better than nothing when it comes to a school shooter.

There is a lot of truth in this article about Camouflaged Elites,   by Victor Davis Hanson.

You will enjoy watching this video of KY Gov. Bevin responding to a loaded question.

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