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This article has links to all the different progressive sites that underwrote and organized the “student” march.  It includes Planned Parenthood.  Remember how much tax money we give PP?  Our tax money supported that march.  Why am I not hearing more about that?

More links about the march: No Disagreement Allowed statement

Scenes from the march.  Children’s Crusade? No, it’s worse.  It really was a giant voter registration rally.

David Hogg mocked for the Nazi type salute.  He probably didn’t have a clue, and has no idea he doesn’t.  Marching in a world of their own.

President Trump hints he may use defense money to build the wall. At our house we have been saying he should do it the way Obama would have done it, use money from another fund.  And it seems to me that it is defense related.

And on the McCabe scandal:  Andrew makes excuses he wouldn’t accept from Flynn. Also from Jonathan Turley He is accused of targeting this woman because she filed an harassment claim against another agent.  Was John Brennan the man behind it all?

On letting Trump be Trump, especially after the liberal, Republican, deep state congress sent such a terrible spending bill to spit in his face.

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