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I’m willing to bet if the Democrats get in power this type thing would only enhance one of their people. Not that any of you would take that bet. I can see that anyone who believes the Russia stuff would be a hero. Don Surber has this to say: Press attacks on EPA chief are absurd — and futile

This FISA story just get worse with every reveal of documents.

This in my view would be a constitutional crisis in itself. Former presidents are just former presidents with no constitutional authority.  Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman speculated the Mueller special counsel probe will result in some sort of finding that will lead to a “constitutional crisis.”    That according to Friedman will lead to former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama having to step  to and prevent a constitutional crisis.

That caravan is splitting into small groups – must be using the divide and conquer tactic.

“Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor praised fellow Justice Clarence Thomas during a speech Tuesday, and said that while they may disagree ideologically, “I just love the man as a person.”    Well, who wouldn’t when she says why. I applaud her honesty and hope it leads to some of those students becoming less anti-conservatives.

Of course, some of our presidents, many in fact, have interfered in other country’s elections.

That You Tube shooting yesterday was another shooting that could have been prevented and wasn’t.  Her own father turned her in, nothing happened. The police found her and let her go.

The War on Men, What good are you if you won’t die for me?

Rosenstein Memo confirming Mueller could investigate Manafort came a week after raid on Manafort’s home.  Mueller needs to go, he will not resign, he has no shame.  His history is not a good one.

Good news! Dan Rather is here to teach you about fake news  disgusting.

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