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Trump Is Cutting Old Gordian Knots, apparently that is why he causes such dissension, that and just being elected.

Why are people still allowed to have five children?  Not a good question to ask in a free country.

Passing the REINS Act as a trade rule could be the single most consequential achievement of Trump’s presidency.

Mexico is helping with the migrant train problem.  Hmmm… wonder if that Nafta threat helped? Apparently not for these in the migrant groups.  But, of course, it had nothing to do with Trump.

Privacy isn’t only dead.  It’s decomposed.

How the Russia Investigation discards the rule of law.  Here is the link to the Byron York article.

10 Reasons the Mueller investigation is unconstitutional.

They are all guilty but some more than others.  Brennan’s role in the Russian dossier procurement.

Why NeverTrumpers think they will be treated “nicely” by the left is beyond me.

A lot of us believe that we’re in a cold civil war and that the left is now determined to leverage its sociocorporate power to coerce conservatives into either parroting the leftist line or else remaining strictly silent.

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