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Kevin Williamson, anti-Trumper recently of the National Review and hired away and fired before he could really turn around for an anti abortion tweet considered beyond the pale. “Congratulations, Jeffrey Goldberg. You’ve worked your way up to a position of management and leadership at a major media publication, and now you’ve agreed to give the Woke Twitter crowd veto power over your personnel decisions. Who runs The Atlantic? The loudest complainer on staff who makes Goldberg nervous.”  David French has this to say about it.

Richard Fernandez calls it another bridge burned.  He is right, of course.

If you aren’t worried about the mid term elections, you should be.  I certainly am.

What is the FBI hiding?

Trey Gowdy is giving up on congress getting anything done.  Also the stonewalling DOJ.

Are the good times over? Are we headed to hell in a handbasket?

Sometimes I wonder how subversive Facebook is, or is it really just a liberal do-gooder who thinks they can solve it all, even health problems?  Be afraid.

This is interesting, Trump sanctions the Russian oligarchs.  Did they help Christopher Steele with the dossier?

If you don’t get real data, you don’t get real results.  Climate date is very politicized and when it’s wrong it can cause some serious damage. (that’s what I learn from being married to a scientist for 60 years)  And on that note read this article against white evangelicals and climate. I did not expect to see such proof of what I wrote in the first sentence.

Medical schools are politicized too, and it is not by accident.  I am appalled at this article about the MCATs which every medical student has to do well on.  From the article: Dr. Darrell Kirch, president and CEO of the AAMC, expressed his vision in a candid 2011 speech at the University of California, Davis: “I am a man on a mission. I believe it is critical to our future to transform health care. I’m not talking about tweaking it. I’m not talking about some nuanced improvements here and there. I’m talking about true transformation.”  It tells me some of how my granddaughter was transformed into a liberal med student.

Texas A&M system announced today that it will end its relationship with the Confucius Institute. That may be the best news of the day.

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