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I guess Well Fargo just cannot be bullied, at least not on this issue.

This is long but very interesting on politics and science. This is a video of the author being interviewed by John Stossel.

One of the biggest Black Lives Matter accounts on facebook was an Australian troll.

Why some black lives matter and some don’t. It depends, of course, on how the story can be spun.

People who weren’t on Facebook would never have heard of Diamond and Silk it it were not for the way Facebook shadow banned them. I remember You Tube also demonetized them, I don’t know how that has come out, but in the case Facebook seems to be caving to some very bad publicity on action against some beloved black conservatives.

You may not want to watch this whole video, it isn’t long, but the truth is Acosta will never think Trump has done enough about anything, especially Russia ‘Let Me List a Few’: Sanders, Acosta Spar Over Trump’s Actions Against Russia.

Does the media really understand what that raid on the President’s lawyer means? Do they think they will be the ones not eaten by the alligator? If Trump falls the country as we have known it falls.

The governor in this case was prosecuted and now she says it was a dream. Watch out for political prosecutions they may turn around and bite you.

There are a number of writers on Powerline Blog, Today they are all worthy, just go read the whole thing. One of them even gave me a little laugh,Should Trump sit down with Robert Mueller. . .and tell him he’s fired? That would be cool. ”                                                      
If wishes came true. From Don Surber: Mueller should not be fired. Mueller should be arrested and charged with political espionage.
That won’t happen, but I trust that something calmer and more effective will occur.
I hope that the president will empower Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz to raid the offices of Mueller and every one of the two dozen Democratic lawyers he put on the public payroll with absolutely no vetting by Civil Service or Congress.
Furthermore, Horowitz should raid their private law offices and their homes.
Then — and only then — fire Mueller and his henchmen for abusing the authority of the special counsel.”

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