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A catching up on the news post

I have been where internet access is unavailable for most of the time since Dec 30th so there is a lot of catching up for me to do.  Some of it is inconsequential so I am posting just from today’s … Continue reading

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Will someone please get a paddle for Al Gore? Looks like he’s been thrown overboard by the climate people

At least one of the climate scientists has realized he is not helping their cause.  I found this at Don Surber’s column in the Daily Mail so I linked to the original to see all the scientist said. The scientist … Continue reading

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AGW has been debunked but some people just don’t get it.

More than one story on this today, so first we will go to James Delingpole writing in the Telegraph UK.  There have been a number of stories of the CERN report which shock, shock, proves the sun heats the earth. … Continue reading

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Lots of links for today

I get the Pajamas Media newsletter with headlines every day, here is a sample of some from today. Gunwalker: What Will Happen When Ken Melson Testifies? The ATF director is going to talk. Whom will he implicate? Walter Russell Mead … Continue reading

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Media Bias, Liberal Press. Whatever, it was Al Gore, move on along folks, nothing to see here.

From Power Line; “Crazed Sex Poodle”? This is a clear case of too much information. Is it true? Who knows; but if detail lends credibility, it certainly qualifies as credible. What is most interesting to me about the story, however, … Continue reading

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Weekly Standard article on Climategate

 It is a great article but  I want you to see is the caricature of Al Gore.  It is good for a laugh.Be sure to read the article, here’s the link.

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More Truth Detecting Goin’ On

from The Corner at National Review: Gore and the TruthBy Andrew Stuttaford Al Gore has been under fire for spinning some forecasts on the disappearance of the Arctic ice a little too aggressively. Some of the criticism is overly harsh … Continue reading

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Al Gore vs Sarah Palin

He should have known better than to get into an argument with a strong woman.  From Politico here is her reply to his put down: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hit back at former Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

From Watts Up with that: Gore has no clue – a few million degrees here and there and pretty soon we’re talking about real temperature This is mind blowing ignorance on the part of Al Gore. Gore in an 11/12/09 … Continue reading

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