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It’s been a long time coming but I’m ready to blog again, so here is my State of the Union address

I haven’t stopped reading all the news and sending out my links and comments to others, I just haven’t had time for putting down my thoughts in blog form. So, a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Now to … Continue reading

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Would our military actually fire on veterans or other civilians?

I was sent an email with a link to an event that happened in 1932.  It was a video of the newsreel of the Bonus army  of WWI vets that marched on Washington and was subsequently attacked; attacked by some … Continue reading

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What if they gave a riot and nobody came?

So far that is what is happening with the media and the “expected riots” with the Zimmerman verdict.  We watched CNN, MSNBC and Fox News all trying to gin up some action from the protesters. The peaceful protesters, I might … Continue reading

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Much to catch up on today – skeet shooting is the least of our problems

There has been much in the news about it this past week and of course Obama is the one who brought it up.  He is very good at the magic act, watch the other hand when he speaks, he is … Continue reading

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Sunday Links with comments

Another day of browsing and thinking some snarky thoughts about what I am reading.  This first was sent by a friend.  I’ve had a lot of these in the past month or so.  So “how long have I been paranoid?” … Continue reading

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Left wing pressure never ends, we need to stop this

I am so disheartened by this. Did you even know it was happening?  I’m afraid some of our favorite products caved to pressure from the left wing. How are we going to stop the MSM from highlighting every angle they … Continue reading

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A catching up on the news post

I have been where internet access is unavailable for most of the time since Dec 30th so there is a lot of catching up for me to do.  Some of it is inconsequential so I am posting just from today’s … Continue reading

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It DID start with Bork, and then came the Anita Hill accusations against Justice Thomas

And the ugliness has escalated from there. We now have an extremely divided country.  This has been my contention for some time.  The New York Times has an op ed today with the same conclusions and a little more. The … Continue reading

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VDH on Obama and our debt

St. Obama and the Debt Dragon “Reckless Fiscal Policies” Why did Obama only enumerate George W. Bush’s big spending as responsible for the out-of-control $14 trillion-plus debt, while not mentioning his own contribution of $5 trillion? Why is there a … Continue reading

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The Gunwalker scandal is serious business but does anyone except you and me care?

Pajamas Media has a post this morning linking to a article by Katie Pavlich showing an email that is the “smoking gun” of the scandal. She writes: “Internal ATF emails seem to suggest that ATF agents were counseled to … Continue reading

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