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Friday links

I’ve been trying to work up a long and thoughtful post.  There is so much happening of great importance at this time.  Until I get that major (for me) post written, enjoy these links.   —we live in … Continue reading

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Job Creation in Texas and South is possible

It is being held back by the Obama Administration’s directives. Read this in the HOUSTON CHRONICLE The Gulf can provide jobs By JIM NOE For many Americans, it’s shaping up to be quite a summer. Job numbers are not ticking … Continue reading

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Quotes and links to two related energy items of note

It seems to me these have a lot to do with each other.  This one is from The Examiner. Obama rubs elbows with regulatory robber barons By: Timothy P. Carney President Obama on Monday was scheduled to give a pep … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t Senator Hatch say what he really thought!!??

Said with tongue planted firmly in cheek.  He said what he and many others really, really thought.  Especially those of us who live Texas and Louisiana.  This report is from The Hill. Sen. Hatch: Obama must have ‘dumbbells’ advising him … Continue reading

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A Washington Post editorial on ethanol

The Washington Post probably doesn’t realize how left wing it is and has been. All the reporters when asked will say they are “moderates” and would be shocked! Shocked! that we think otherwise.  This is a factual editorial and it is against … Continue reading

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Are we finally to be rid of ethanol? There is hope.

From Hot Air End of the line for ethanol?by Ed MorriseyHas the federal government’s appetite for ethanol ended? A bipartisan group of Senators signed a letter today calling for an end to subsidies and tariffs designed to protect and enhance … Continue reading

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