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Links and comments June 12, 2014

Richard Fernandez again  The day of Reckoning.  READ IT ALL.  It isn’t good news but very current and scary. Sum of all fears: Obama may have to approve airstrikes in Iraq  what??!! You mean the Al Qaeda/Taliban are still there?  … Continue reading

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This will be an almost entirely Benghazi post

This morning as I started checking my news sources I was surprised to see ABC and NBC finally getting a little bit out there on Benghazi.  Not a lot on their actual shows but online they seem to be admitting … Continue reading

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Why the Benghazi truth needs to be told – conspiracy theories abound

Unfortunately for the current president and administration they seem to make a lot of sense. They are sounding more and more plausible. The two major ones – Arms being sold and exchanged – GAFFNEY: The real reason behind Benghazigate  Was … Continue reading

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A Memorial Day Thank You

Today is Memorial Day.  I hear a lot of people say “thank you for your service.”  It is becoming a trite saying for many.  It makes me wonder how many really mean it.  Should I be satisfied with the fact … Continue reading

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States are of one mind about the case of heckling at funerals

From an ABC news story via Politico: States Line Up Against Funeral Hecklers in Supreme Court Brief Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church Picketed Marine’s Funeral; Court to Decide if Protest Was Free Speech By DEVIN DWYER Forty-eight states and the … Continue reading

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