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Remember Pearl Harbor

The day President Roosevelt said “will live in infamy.”  I wonder if it is being forgotten. I know some of us old fogies will remember, but what about the rest of the nation. Does anyone under the age of, say … Continue reading

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VDH on Obama and our debt

St. Obama and the Debt Dragon “Reckless Fiscal Policies” Why did Obama only enumerate George W. Bush’s big spending as responsible for the out-of-control $14 trillion-plus debt, while not mentioning his own contribution of $5 trillion? Why is there a … Continue reading

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Fascist, what does it mean? Who are the fascists?

If you are in doubt, read this article in the American Thinker          Dusting Off the Political F-Word      by Mark W. Hendrickson, Ph.D. Its use is shunned in polite company. It coarsens political discourse. Its introduction into conversation raises hackles and stirs … Continue reading

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