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Links and Comments, July 6, 2014

Dreamer deportations are down.  “The number of immigrants under 18 who were deported or turned away at ports of entry fell from 8,143 in 2008, the last year of the George W. Bush administration, to 1,669 last year, according to … Continue reading

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What have we come to? or Points to Ponder

  Drugmakers Vowed to Campaign for Health Law, Memos Show What a sleazy Democratic congress and administration. And the drug companies are just as bad. T/A Travel Center Fails to Fly Flag on Memorial Day, Quickly Learns the Power of the … Continue reading

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One from the past, One current

Two videos that are so true I must post them here.  They were both sent to me via emails but were put up by bloggers first. Paul Harvey in 1965 has a warning for us. This one leads right into … Continue reading

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Pond Scum the new energy saviour

Algae in other words.  Algae around our house — it is growing on our long gravel driveway even as I write.  I’m really happy to see it because it means we have had some rain and high humidity.  But you … Continue reading

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VDH asks Who is Afraid of Big Government?

Victor Davis Hanson in Pajamas Media.You need to read it all but here are some parts to whet your appetite for more: There is no reason to review all the standard reasons why the American people are terrified of an all-powerful … Continue reading

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