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Links and Comments, Aug. 21, 2014

The plot thickens….. straight into farce. It would be funny but criminalization of politics just isn’t funny.  Rho Chalmers, who disclosed to the Houston Chronicle yesterday that she was a member of the grand jury that indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry, … Continue reading

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Links and Comments, Aug. 15, 2014

Maybe Johnny Can’t Read  because These Workers  Crowd out Teachers.  Half of America’s public school employees aren’t classroom teachers, according to a new study. Instead, they’re non-teaching personnel such as instructional aides, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, secretaries, and librarians. SWAT Overkill, … Continue reading

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Links and comments, August 7, 2014

Dozens of inspectors general say federal agencies hindering oversight  Bureaucracy is trying to protect its power. NASA scientist explains global warming hiatus-  or tries to.  Surprise, they have to revise their models.  That is their problem, relying on models with … Continue reading

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I send an email list a number of links with comments every day. It is what I do instead of blogging every day.  I am planning to try to put those links up here every day, it’s a job, but … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Sunday links and comments

It really is a beautiful Sunday here.  The sky is bright blue, the humidity is much lower than normal, and the temperature was only 70 on our porch this morning and I got to sit in the porch swing and … Continue reading

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a long list of links and comments

Take your time, they are all interesting and there won’t be a pop quiz on this one. Not a legitimate party Hey, you know, Palin was right about Obama.  From Noam Chomsky? David Dewhurst and Good old boy networks … Continue reading

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Cold War? Civil War? Are we in a cold war/civil war?

I am elderly, I lived through World War II, the Korean War, The Vietnam war, the Cold War and all the other conflicts since then. I believe we are in a Cold War, a Civil War with no bloodshed. A … Continue reading

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A Proposal limited to the problem at hand.

We’ve seen a lot of hysterical posturing coming out of the very tragic Newton massacre.  Most of them have been extreme in limiting access to guns by sane, responsible people. This one is from an uncle of one of the … Continue reading

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Another Beautiful Sunday, comments and links-I’ll try to be nice about it.

But it is going to be hard to do when there is so much idol worship going on.  And it isn’t just because it is inauguration day, this one has been going on for four years. Dear Leader: CNN Correspondent Wrote … Continue reading

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Sunday Links with comments

Another day of browsing and thinking some snarky thoughts about what I am reading.  This first was sent by a friend.  I’ve had a lot of these in the past month or so.  So “how long have I been paranoid?” … Continue reading

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