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Is Obama the first member of his own cult?

While discussing some ridiculous liberals we were listening to on talk radio this morning we were totally dumfounded at their rudeness to right wing nuts, as they put it, and crazy statements defending Obamacare. It seems they are not living … Continue reading

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What was/is going on in the USA as I turned 77

I  had intended to write a state of the union post on the occasion of my 77th birthday.  I didn’t, but this pretty well sums it up. President Obama, off the record  an article in which reporters excuse themselves for … Continue reading

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The Five Pledges

I received this in an email from a friend. Before I post emails I like to trace their origins, if I can. This is from the Glenn Beck show of August 28th. He has a pretty version of it posted … Continue reading

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The Pledge

This is so important it is completely copied from Power Line including the title. Reprinted below is a pledge pertaining to health care reform that the two Senators from Virginia have been asked to sign. There’s not much chance that … Continue reading

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