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Links and Comments of Tuesday, June 18

This will be our greatest invasion of privacy, from Mother Jones: via Gateway Pundit: Immigration Bill Will Create National Database on Every Adult in US BREAKING: 41 Conservative Groups Have Now Signed On to Lawsuit Against IRS (Video Feds Raid Virginia … Continue reading

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When will another shoe drop?

We have had so many scandals, I’m wondering how many shoes there are left to drop.  Have we had some leaked so we will forget about the last ones? Some of these are definitely from leaked information, others have just … Continue reading

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Scandal overload – Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP phone records; and what else is out there?

I am extremely distressed at all of this.  What makes me the most distressed?  This morning I listened to the hearings on C-Span while the IRS dissembled, rambled, didn’t know, didn’t have the authority to answer and anything else they could bring … Continue reading

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Playing catch up with the news plus a few comments of my own

I have not blogged in quite a while.  There has been so much happening with news alerts all over. There was the Boston bombing and the media’s attempt to blame it on the right wing.  Why do they do that? … Continue reading

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Drones, Drones, and more Drones, thanks to Senator Rand Paul the MSM finally noticed

Updated at bottom of post. I send out a list of interesting links to an email list, usually every day, at least five days a week.  In making the list today I noticed that outside of the Texas links I … Continue reading

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Sunday Nov. 18 links and comments

Put the blame where it should be. Libertarians who didn’t vote for Republicans turned the election. Gee thanks, purists. We could have at least won the senate. Libertarians provided the margin for Democrats in at least nine elections Are Journalists Paying … Continue reading

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Why the Benghazi truth needs to be told – conspiracy theories abound

Unfortunately for the current president and administration they seem to make a lot of sense. They are sounding more and more plausible. The two major ones – Arms being sold and exchanged – GAFFNEY: The real reason behind Benghazigate  Was … Continue reading

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Friday links

I’ve been trying to work up a long and thoughtful post.  There is so much happening of great importance at this time.  Until I get that major (for me) post written, enjoy these links.   –we live in … Continue reading

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The Secret Kill List

Judge Andrew Napolitano puts in chilling perspective the recent drone assassinations. I am not sure how I feel about these and the possible need for them as we are in a war of a different sort from former wars. Terrorist … Continue reading

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What have we come to? or Points to Ponder

  Drugmakers Vowed to Campaign for Health Law, Memos Show What a sleazy Democratic congress and administration. And the drug companies are just as bad. T/A Travel Center Fails to Fly Flag on Memorial Day, Quickly Learns the Power of the … Continue reading

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