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Links and Comments June 7, 2014

German Commander-in-Chief West, Field Marshal Karl R. Gerd von Rundstedt’s Report on the Allied Invasion of Normandy  a very interesting look at the enemy’s point of view. Schumer was one of those who told the IRS to investigate conservative groups. … Continue reading

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Links and Comments May 28, 2014

FYI in case you are interested in the Bilderberg situation here is the list of attendees – or at least those who didn’t mind having it known they are attending.  Doctor reveals the VA Hospitals’ real problem  The article in … Continue reading

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Links and Comments April 25, 2014

Quick Action in trying to avoid too much publicity: Ex-DHS watchdog put on leave after critical report  see the full scope of this here, it was written before he was put on leave. (sarcasm alert) Nothing says “Freedom” like a … Continue reading

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Clear, Blue Sky (a rare day of clarity) links and comments

It pains me that for many years I paid scant attention to what was happening in our country.  I became more conservative as I was growing older but I did little to promote it to others.  It was the Carter administration that … Continue reading

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Reason to hope (it has nothing to do with our president)

It has everything to do with this: Papers? We Don’t Need No Stinking [Federalist] Papers! One of my most contentious contentions is that if you want to learn about the Constitution, taking constitutional law at a law school is the … Continue reading

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One from the past, One current

Two videos that are so true I must post them here.  They were both sent to me via emails but were put up by bloggers first. Paul Harvey in 1965 has a warning for us. This one leads right into … Continue reading

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News of Interest March 7, 2012

Now we know some of what happened to Detroit Audit: Part of $11M grant for Detroit job seekers only aided 2 Texas for third year warns against spring break Mexico The Medevac controvery in Afghanistan. If you do not know … Continue reading

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Did you hear the roar?

Apparently the people of South Carolina heard it.  The MSM seemed not to have heard it, or if they did they seemed to have not seen that it was a standing O and it was directed at them. C. Edmund … Continue reading

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Are we in effect “eating our young?” Figuratively speaking, of course

We had a wonderful Tea Party Rally today to honor our veterans.  Our speakers were Representative Todd Hunter and Dr. Bob Jones. Dr. Jones spoke on many things but one has stuck in my mind.  He mentioned other religions go … Continue reading

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First they came for……..

Creeping political favoritism comes in strange places. How many other agencies are using these policies? This is a small, almost unknown agency practicing discrimination based on poliitical agendas. From Pajama’s Media, written by by Hans A. von Spakovsky. A Superfluous … Continue reading

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