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Will the Allen West saga be a turning point in history?

I think there are many things in our history, long ago to recently, we will never know the half of.  Today regarding the Allen West recount in Florida my husband said,  ”Duval County.”  Well, a lot of people would have … Continue reading

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Sunday Nov. 18 links and comments

Put the blame where it should be. Libertarians who didn’t vote for Republicans turned the election. Gee thanks, purists. We could have at least won the senate. Libertarians provided the margin for Democrats in at least nine elections Are Journalists Paying … Continue reading

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Has Texas Teacher Retirement system been taking advice from the Obama Administration?

This article from the Dallas Morning News would indicate that it has: Texas teachers’ pension fund invests in casinos, loses $99 million by Steve McGonigle First of two parts As public investments go, this one looked like a roll of the dice. … Continue reading

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News of Interest March 7, 2012

Now we know some of what happened to Detroit Audit: Part of $11M grant for Detroit job seekers only aided 2 Texas for third year warns against spring break Mexico The Medevac controvery in Afghanistan. If you do not know … Continue reading

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Pond Scum the new energy saviour

Algae in other words.  Algae around our house — it is growing on our long gravel driveway even as I write.  I’m really happy to see it because it means we have had some rain and high humidity.  But you … Continue reading

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Much to read and discuss today, Keystone, AGW, Politics, politics, politics

Stomping around in the swamp –Keystone Pipeline stuff, it is pretty mucky alright. Jobs? What jobs. Politics, green politics, all the scoop. Green Lebesraum the Nazi Roots of Sustainable Development verrryyyy interesting…. These Dems spin better than Rumpelstiltskin this is … Continue reading

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Lies and the lying liars……. MSM

There are sins of commission and sins of omission.  I think we can say the same with lies.  We know many slanted stories are put out by the liberal leaning press. Is it a lie when they suppress the truth? … Continue reading

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2 Pinocchios? It should be at least 3

The Fact Checker at the Washington Post calls it ‘boo boos.” If it were Republicans, or even some Democrats, he would call it lies. Well, at least he admits they were boo boos. Read this and tell me if you … Continue reading

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Victor Davis Hanson names it correctly again

Nobody can make a correct point quite like VDH.  Can we call him a political John Wayne?  Well, according to this he probably wouldn’t want that designation because of John Wayne’s personal life. Kingdom of Lies I am a subject … Continue reading

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