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Links and comments April 26, 2014

 The BLM is a money making bureau for the Dept of Interior. Some people are speaking out in support of Cliven Bundy and the accusation of racism against him.  When I was a girl, probably a short while before Bundy was … Continue reading

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Cold War? Civil War? Are we in a cold war/civil war?

I am elderly, I lived through World War II, the Korean War, The Vietnam war, the Cold War and all the other conflicts since then. I believe we are in a Cold War, a Civil War with no bloodshed. A … Continue reading

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Obama and the “New Party”

Recently the blogosphere has been awash in the news that Obama was a member of the The ‘New Party’ (which was) a political party established by the Democratic Socialists of America (the DSA) to push forth the socialist principles of … Continue reading

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Conservatives have lost a BIG voice

It’s been several days now since we were shocked by the news of the death of Andrew Breitbart. It has taken a while for it all to sink in.  He has done so much for the cause.  Without him ACORN … Continue reading

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Cultural Welfare; Rick Perry + and -;Occupy Wall Street and the Commies, Muslims and other misfits

This is from Politico, not a good sign for Obama. Obama launches cultural warfare By KEITH KOFFLER President Barack Obama stands accused by conservatives of waging class warfare, seeking to galvanize his base and lure middle-class voters by pitting the … Continue reading

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No surprises here folks, move on along

From Human Events Obama and NATO Turn Libya, and a $30B Check, Over to Jihadists by Tara Servatius Things weren’t looking so good for the  Libyan Islamic Fighting Group back in 2004 when they were designated a foreign terrorist group … Continue reading

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We knew the press was liberal but this gives the facts of how it got that way

From Pajama’s Media: America’s Marxist MediaFor them, truth doesn’t work like it does for you and David B. Jenkins To think that two and two are fourAnd neither five nor threeThe heart of man has long been soreAnd long … Continue reading

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Neo-neocon Nails it Again

America held hostage: the Obama administration so far For a while, I thought each day that I’d finally seen the worst Obama had to offer. Then I realized that was naive of me, and that Obama’s actions would probably continue … Continue reading

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Dr. Sanity has a blog

I don’t read it every day, just usually when someone links to it.Dr. Sanity says: Two posts back, I wrote about the intellectual bankruptcy of U.S. academic institutions. If you want to understand what is waiting for us at the … Continue reading

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