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Thoughts on the Obamacare fiasco and other links and comments

There is so much to say about the healthcare “problems” and most of it has already been said by others.  However, for bloggers who don’t like it, it is the gift that keeps on giving.  One stumble after the other … Continue reading

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Cold War? Civil War? Are we in a cold war/civil war?

I am elderly, I lived through World War II, the Korean War, The Vietnam war, the Cold War and all the other conflicts since then. I believe we are in a Cold War, a Civil War with no bloodshed. A … Continue reading

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Clear, Blue Sky (a rare day of clarity) links and comments

It pains me that for many years I paid scant attention to what was happening in our country.  I became more conservative as I was growing older but I did little to promote it to others.  It was the Carter administration that … Continue reading

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What have we come to? or Points to Ponder

  Drugmakers Vowed to Campaign for Health Law, Memos Show What a sleazy Democratic congress and administration. And the drug companies are just as bad. T/A Travel Center Fails to Fly Flag on Memorial Day, Quickly Learns the Power of the … Continue reading

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The Gunwalker scandal is serious business but does anyone except you and me care?

Pajamas Media has a post this morning linking to a article by Katie Pavlich showing an email that is the “smoking gun” of the scandal. She writes: “Internal ATF emails seem to suggest that ATF agents were counseled to … Continue reading

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Did an ATM eat your job?

Our president seems to think it did. He really just does not have a grasp on how the world of jobs really works. This was posted today by Erick at Redstate. Barack Obama Thinks an ATM Ate Your Job Posted … Continue reading

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"More fries? Sorry sir, according to the Ministry of Wellness charts, you have exceeded your recommended calorie allotment today."

According to Kevin Ross, writing in the American Thinker, this may be one thing you can expect if the health care bill makes it to the final stages and is signed, sealed and delivered.The Ministry of Wellness As a restaurateur, … Continue reading

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