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If we are weak who is going to protect the world?

I hear many people say, and read what many people write, “why is it our job to protect the world?”  Well, here is my answer on that.  ”Look at history.  See what happens when the USA is weak, wishy washy, … Continue reading

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We are in A Brave New World and Animal Farm, it must still be 1984

Our country is so PC conscious, so split and divided that each side looks on the other with total disdain and in some cases hatred. Many are afraid of the “right wing” and think if they were in charge there … Continue reading

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Is Obama the first member of his own cult?

While discussing some ridiculous liberals we were listening to on talk radio this morning we were totally dumfounded at their rudeness to right wing nuts, as they put it, and crazy statements defending Obamacare. It seems they are not living … Continue reading

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Cold War? Civil War? Are we in a cold war/civil war?

I am elderly, I lived through World War II, the Korean War, The Vietnam war, the Cold War and all the other conflicts since then. I believe we are in a Cold War, a Civil War with no bloodshed. A … Continue reading

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Much to catch up on today – skeet shooting is the least of our problems

There has been much in the news about it this past week and of course Obama is the one who brought it up.  He is very good at the magic act, watch the other hand when he speaks, he is … Continue reading

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Clear, Blue Sky (a rare day of clarity) links and comments

It pains me that for many years I paid scant attention to what was happening in our country.  I became more conservative as I was growing older but I did little to promote it to others.  It was the Carter administration that … Continue reading

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How to lie with statistics- a borrowed title, but a book the Fact Checker needs to read

How to lie with statistics- the name of a book and oh so true. We listened to C-span this morning while women’s wage was disputed. Never once were the actual facts brought out. Thanks to the Washington Post fact checker … Continue reading

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I’m late to the game in the Derbyshire is Racist controversy but I’m really talking about labels and labeling

I’m not really talking about race, I’m talking about cultures and what we call them.  Mark Steyn has done a good job on what I think about the Derbyshire/National Review flap so I don’t really have to address that. What … Continue reading

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One from the past, One current

Two videos that are so true I must post them here.  They were both sent to me via emails but were put up by bloggers first. Paul Harvey in 1965 has a warning for us. This one leads right into … Continue reading

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Conservatives have lost a BIG voice

It’s been several days now since we were shocked by the news of the death of Andrew Breitbart. It has taken a while for it all to sink in.  He has done so much for the cause.  Without him ACORN … Continue reading

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