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Links and comments May 8, 2014

The Epa has it’s own scandal and From Don Surber 6. From Forbes: “In a big win for property rights and due process, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bill yesterday to curb an abusive — and little known … Continue reading

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It’s a Twitter world out there

This blog post from Powerline explains why I still send out those email links.  And why I intend to fight very hard to keep the Tea Party alive and active until it really, really overcomes. This is what I have … Continue reading

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News of Interest March 7, 2012

Now we know some of what happened to Detroit Audit: Part of $11M grant for Detroit job seekers only aided 2 Texas for third year warns against spring break Mexico The Medevac controvery in Afghanistan. If you do not know … Continue reading

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Much to read and discuss today, Keystone, AGW, Politics, politics, politics

Stomping around in the swamp –Keystone Pipeline stuff, it is pretty mucky alright. Jobs? What jobs. Politics, green politics, all the scoop. Green Lebesraum the Nazi Roots of Sustainable Development verrryyyy interesting…. These Dems spin better than Rumpelstiltskin this is … Continue reading

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Did you hear the roar?

Apparently the people of South Carolina heard it.  The MSM seemed not to have heard it, or if they did they seemed to have not seen that it was a standing O and it was directed at them. C. Edmund … Continue reading

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So what do we do now? Where are our districts? When are our elections?

So what do we do now? Where are our districts? When are our elections? Posted on January 20, 2012 by Rockport Conservative The Supreme Court has ruled, and unanimously at that, saying a panel of federal judges should have used the Legislature’s … Continue reading

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I’m In it for the long march, are you?

This is what I have been trying to get across to a lot of people I interact with on Facebook pages. I am in ten groups on Facebook, all on the conservative side, Tea Party and Republican names all, except … Continue reading

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It DID start with Bork, and then came the Anita Hill accusations against Justice Thomas

And the ugliness has escalated from there. We now have an extremely divided country.  This has been my contention for some time.  The New York Times has an op ed today with the same conclusions and a little more. The … Continue reading

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Stop the funding

I get a lot of newsletter emails in my morning emails.  It cuts out a lot of sites I have to visit to get all the news that I want to read.  The Morning Bell from The Heritage Foundation is one of … Continue reading

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If we added personal debt at this rate we would already be bankrupt

Michael Barone explains it all and it is truly frightening: What the Debt-Limit Battle Is All About The debate may be complicated, but the issue is basic. It’s hard to keep up with all the arguments and proposals in the debt-limit struggle. … Continue reading

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