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There is Right Wing and then there is “Right Wing”

By Barry Rubin in Pajamas Media: Thinking About the Terrorist Murders in Norway I don’t think this terrorist attack in Norway was a jihadist conspiracy nor is this guy a secret Islamist terrorist. He is clearly right-wing and anti-Muslim, lashing … Continue reading

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Uh Oh, Someone left the back door open again

Or something like that.  We are supposed to feel safer now, read this and tell me you still do. From the Houston Chronicle. Doors left open to terror threat U.S. still lacks a system to track entry and departure of … Continue reading

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Tea Parties are being watched according to the Canada Free Press

More evidence emerging that that Constitution supporters are considered “domestic threatsBy Douglas Hagmann & Judi McLeod A report published today by Kurt Nimmo states that a Department of Homeland Security fusion center in Florida conducted surveillance on Ron Paul supporters … Continue reading

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I am not the only one who calls it an attack

Marc A. Thiessen writing in the Washington Post also calls it an attack. He says it better than I do.He says: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got one thing right last week – she described WikiLeaks’ disclosure of hundreds of … Continue reading

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Some important links for today

From the Washington Post Politics:Crist pulls way ahead of RubioPelosi’s enforcer not afraid to battle RahmboOil spill pits Palin against the Republican Party From Washington Post AP news:Supreme Court upholds anti-terror law WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court has upheld … Continue reading

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Eyes on the people who enter our military bases

FromPatterico Pontifications blog: Incident at Fort Gordonby DRJMonday evening there was an incident at Florida’s Fort MacDill AFB in which a man and woman were detained with weapons as they tried to enter the Base. Tuesday evening a vehicle containing … Continue reading

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Links on Obamacare, Chicago Politics, Liberal Press bias, Obama’s Policies and other news of the day

Rod Blagojevich trial rattles insiders Scary Chicago politics…. scary for the party in power.  Chicago politicians acting like Chicago politicians.  One pundit asked if this had anything to do with the recent visit over the Memorial Day weekend. If I … Continue reading

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About that Protest at the private home

Read about all the alarming connections: President Obama Deeply Connected To Organizers Of Recent Angry Street Mob Actions by Andrew Marcus President Barack Obama and his administration, is shamefully deeply connected to the people and organizations that recently organized street … Continue reading

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Terrorism, a new word in the administration

If you watched the news over the weekend or yesterday you already know about this. The administration is again using the word “terrorism.” I think this news story tells it well, it is from the New York Post. Obama wakes … Continue reading

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Even more secrets on how we caught him

This is from WCBSTV in New York City but since I started this yesterday afternoon many people have it.  Michael Yon has a facebook post that it is not that big a secret, but he is in Afghanistan and privy … Continue reading

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