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A female liberals point of view was sleep with the boss to get a head start. Not exactly the way she put it, but she really doesn’t explain why it might be wrong. via Neocon.

The court nominees will make you happy.  Unless you are a liberal, then you may have to find a safe space.

The debt bubble landmine Obama left for Trump.  Republicans have a lot to answer for in this, too. Since the 2008 crash, neither Democrats nor Republicans have been interested in creating a sturdier economy. Instead, they’ve built up another bubble, this time in the car and SUV industry.

A teacher in Colorado pasted a photo of his students attacking a pinata of Trump for Cinco de Mayo, he has been placed on leave, and it seems the principal was outraged.  I would hope he is not the only one.

Could a president have stopped the Civil War?  Was it even considered by Jackson? Why yes, yes it was, he saw it coming and wanted to prevent it.

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If there were evidence of collusion between Trump people and Russia Diane Feinstein would have seen it, she has not.

If this doesn’t show bias, there is no such thing as bias.

A week or so ago there was a flurry of people posting video of Bill Nye the Science Guy explaining the difference between X and Y chromosomes causing boys and girls.  It was in an old segment of his TV show for children.  Now if you look for that you will need the way back machine to search, the video has been altered to leave out that section.  What’s a little fact in science when you are a socialist?

Cecile Richards has revealed the true nature of planned parenthood is and plans to stay, as promoting and doing abortions.  It is the money thing.

What do you think of this high school/college idea?  I’ve often heard it said a high school taught in the early 1900’s what college teaches today.

I don’t often link to American Watchtower, but today there are two items of interest. First, An investigation into the Iran deal; Second, Judicial Watch has petitioned and the court has ordered the release of more of the Benghazi emails.  All good to know.

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Many of us have speculated on the power behind Obama, who brought him in, who brought him up, who created this Manchurian candidate?  This book probably doesn’t address that part, but the review reveals it addresses the calculation that went into his rise in politics.  It has this in it: Garrow, who received a Pulitzer Prize for his biography of Martin Luther King Jr., concludes this massive new work with a damning verdict on Obama’s determination: “While the crucible of self-creation had produced an ironclad will, the vessel was hollow at its core.”

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy,  you have fallen too far from your roots.  She defends Catholic pro-life relatives as still valid Democrats. 

I haven’t been watching but the internet is talking about the Comey interrogation in the Senate. apparently one of the findings is the huge number of classified emails sent by Huma to Anthony Weiner’s laptop.  It is hard to imagine people with such power being so dumb about internet security.

Janet Napolitano says she’s sorry about trying to rig a state audit, or actually that she got caught.

Trump’s Power of Persuasion 

Victor Davis Hanson: You Gotta Lie.

Connecticut just found out that taxing the rich doesn’t bring the state more riches.   Governor Malloy added,  “The reality is that in Connecticut we get most of our money from very few people and that can produce some very wild swings.”  

Why Trump?-Colbert, Trump and  the Roots of Liberal/Progressive Rage in America.


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Who Are The Turncoat Republicans Protecting Obamacare?  Or as David Catron states it in American Spectator Obamacare and the Gutless Wonders of the GOP.

We Are Losing The War For Freedom Our Fathers Fought For.  Many of you who receive this are the fathers he is speaking of.

Bottom line: The White House Correspondents’ dinner, the premier event of the Washington press corps, was two hours of mawkish self-celebration followed by 30 minutes of Trump-bashing. Just as we expected.

HUD Kept 14 Fraud Reports Hidden From The Public.

Ann Althouse on Trump’s Jackson/Civil War statement.  I read her links and it seems to me that as usual the media is trying to paint him as not knowing when in fact he knew exactly what he was talking about.

The same thing is happening here.  The headlines are accusing him of saying one thing when the video they provide with it says something entirely different.  When my friend on Facebook posted it with derision about his knowledge of the constitution I pointed that out to her.  Her reply was completely off the topic, but negative to Trump.  Here is her reply: How are checks and balances bad for the country. And more importantly. I not heard him ONCE take responsibility for any of his failures. It’s always someone else’s fault. That’s not statistically possible. When you have no argument, change the subject.

From Watts up with that: Global temperatures plunge in April – “the pause” returns be sure to read the links in the article.  (at least look at them, some are a little on the deeper scientific side)

Victims of Communism Day 2017

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Every time I think, “no, not gonna send any links today,”  something like this comes along and here I go again. It is clear from Susan Rices’s twitter account she is still proud of spying on Trump.

Maybe it is WE who have been lucky in his enemies.  The Real Clear Politics link was the only one I could get behind the paywall  of the WSJ.  When you get to it the link should go through. You have to get far down into the article, beyond her dislike of the plebian Trump, to get to the real truth of it. And the real truth of it much the same as the article I linked yesterday by Daniel Greenfield, Saving America by hating everyone.

Neocon on AGW: when a scientific theory becomes a religion…  Another instance of the lefties going way too far in their effort to get rid of Bret Stephen at the NYTimes, after his first column.  Oh, the heresy he dares.

The best thing about this article slamming Trump is the comment section.

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Richard Fernandez with a bit of a warning, I think.  This is some deep thinking.  Here is some of the same, but with smaller words.  Is it really all coming apart?  I hope not, but we are in the midst of some major history, which we probably will know now the extent of in our lifetimes.

When Politico goes after Obama and the Iran “deal” you know something is really, really wrong.

Janet Napolitano was all around unethical, and maybe a thief to boot.

This article shows what damning with faint praise means, and this article shows what happens when the media is so biased.

Uh oh, Bernie’s wife is a target of an FBI probe– that is two Burlington College board members speculated that the investigation pertained to the purchase of 33 acres of prime lakefront for property for a new campus during Sanders’ tenure.

Do you see the parallels to Hugh Trevor-Roper’s description of the “general crisis” of 1620–60 — as described in this article to events happening today?

The Left’s Culture of Contempt

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So what if we pay them, they are our protestors so it’s okay, says the liberal media.

Bill Nye the Science Guy used to really be about science.

The ACLU stood up for Ann Coulter.  I think they’ve have enough of the violence.

The Washington Post did NOT like Elizabeth Warren’s book.

The United Nations is trying to interfere in our government, The UN says it might violate International Law.  It’s not a small world, its a globalist world.  This ran first in the Washington Post.

Russian intelligence ship sinks after collision with freighter

The story of the land Obama grabbed in his last days in office and why it needs to be given back.

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Valerie Jarrett is looking for Obama v 2.0  frankly I think one was more than enough.

Two interesting Trump Derangement Syndrome articles.  One from a close aide, the other about David Brooks, the New York Times’ supposed conservative.

Keith Ellison blames Obama got Democrat Party losses, I suspect he will recant this at some point.

Bill Maher stands up for his pal Ann Coulter, he says college campuses treating conservatives this way is the same as book burning,  and he is right.

How the administration is cleaning up the mess Obama left, or at least trying to.

Dirty Harry Reid’s role in Obamagate.

How the campaign to oust O’Reilly worked.

The Clinton Campaign hatched the Russian Hacking Narrative 24 hours after the defeat.

Minnesota lawmakers are looking into why the lection Results Gave This Union Millions. Now State Lawmakers Are Looking Into Voter Fraud.


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 You may not have realized some of President Trump’s accomplishments. If the media had its way you would not even have heard of many of them.

Melania has been working as first lady of our land. Even the Washington Post had to admit to it.  Don’t bother to read the comments, they are disgusting.

Here’s a list of 200 organizations funded by George Soros.

When Will The Media Realize That Anonymous Sources Undermine Their Credibility?

Maybe Microsoft needs to appear before the Intelligence committee.

In Her Majesty’s Disservice, Clarice Feldman on Hillary, “wiretapping” and political intrigue.

I’ll be offline for a few days, I’m finally going to Louisiana to visit family and friends.

Links and Comments from April 14, 2017

Lansing, Michigan City Council members have voted themselves out of the sanctuary city lineup.

I’m surprised the Washington Post allowed this on its pages. China is suddenly leaning on N Korea-and it might be thanks to Trump.

This major VA hospital is in much worse shape than anyone thought.

Exhibit #1 of a biased article, or an article showing extreme bias.

How many buzzwords can the liberals use in one sentence. An amazing amount, that’s how many.

The New York Times and other liberal media are really going all out to expel O’Rilley from Fox News. I really don’t know what to think about it, but I’m pretty sure he is no worse than many of the well known liberal newsers. That is probably not a good thing, but who is suing them, when do we get the expose on them?

Is Trump a master magician? China is changing some major policies.

Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge.               Some of us felt that way all along, also a stooge of the Iranians, Turkey, etc.

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All cable stations and most newspapers avert their eyes to this.  Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge.

The real story of the Migrant Mother. It isn’t what you’ve been told. The photographer news writer did a little creative writing. News has never been truthful, I guess. More reason we need to always check the original source. In this case it would have been impossible to check.

Some people think this looks bad for Trump, some think it makes a liar out of Clapper and others.

I wonder if other government agencies used the policy of not paying interest on payments they made late. When it comes to denying insurance that has been paid into this is very devious.

It’s a little late but an investigation has been launched into the ‘Trump Must Hang’ Professor

David Ignatius got in trouble once before for saying something nice about Trump, I can imagine this will cause him some blowback, too.

Dershowitz give Spice a pass on the Hitler gas gaffe.

The house investigation is focusing in on Susan Rice. About time she was closely questioned and called to account on her lies.

I wouldn’t call the Kansas victory for GOP a blowout but I wouldn’t call it close, either.

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