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If anyone thinks these mentally ill, unstable, and just plain liberals making threats should not be taken seriously they need to watch this. Yes, he is very unstable, how many more are out there?

We didn’t really need a study to show us the media is obsessed with trying to find a Trump/Russia link.

Project Veritas has caught some nasty people on tape on what they think about Trump and his voters.

From Bookworm Room :Contrary to the Progressives’ hysterical refrain that people WILL die if Republicans even touch Obamacare, facts show that under Obamacare people DID die.

European Socialists medicine does not respect the wishes of the parents of a dying baby. A death panel in Action.

The GOP’s Better Care ACt is better than you think. Also read this: Reports of Medicaid’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated.  And Powerline had this where they give 4 Pinocchio’s to the AP.

You probably heard a lot of vitriol about Trump’s tweets.  But did you ever hear or see what he was responding to?  Months of degrading comments by Mika and Joe and the company they keep.

Ted Cruz has a plan to solve Obamacare’s Big Problem, But can it pass?

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What!!??  You mean the Republicans aren’t trying to kill the poor?

Oh, Ms. McCaskill, what have you done?

In case you hadn’t heard, Sarah Palin is suing the New York Times.  I hope she wins this, it is a hard thing to do for a public figure.

Climate change, humans and fires around the world.   This work highlights how humans can shape global fire regimes,” David Bowman, a global wildfire expert and professor of environmental-change biology at the University of Tasmania who was not involved with the research, said in an email. “Realistically factoring in humans into global climate change and global carbon dynamic projections has always been difficult, and this work demonstrates that this difficulty must be more thoroughly addressed to create plausible scenarios of Earth system change.”   Un huh, told you so, there are too many variables to factor in to have a reliable, plausible scenario for an accurate model.

Have we been hurt by our own NSA?  Apparently so.

Good grief, I do not remember hearing this about Joe Scarborough at all. I’ve always thought he was a little on the sleazy side, but not this.  I got to this link from this story.

Another Schindler type has saved little girls from ISIS.   from another Ace of Spades link.

The MSM’s credibility took another hit today, as the New York Times quietly issued a correction about their claims that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed that the Russians ‘hacked’ the 2016 presidential election. The REAL number is only 4 agencies held such views.

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Wow, CNN messed up big time.  They had to retract and apologize, no one now is allowed to even post anything Trump on social media, let along on a news site, without checking with the higher ups.  I’ve got it on now to see what in the world they are finding to talk about.

The modern usage of language by liberals.

The Administrative Threat.

AS PROMISED, TRUMP IS “GOOD FOR THE BLACKS:” Black unemployment at lowest level in 17 years. “Black unemployment has been on the decline since February — falling from (February) 8.1, (March) 8.0, (April) 7.9, and (May) 7.5 percent, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”  from Instapundit.

The Anti-Trump leaking campaign is damaging America and her allies.

Dream Machine Conservatism is the New Punk.  I know one of those conservative musicians from Nashville.

While most of the media was finding ways to get rid of him, President Trump has signed 40 pieces of legislation.

Civil Asset Forfieture: Where Due Process Goes to Die

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Johnny Depp has really besmirched himself, but he isn’t the only one.  30 GOP congressmen  have been threatened or attacked since May.  It is everywhere, young Democrats think it is open season on Republicans, they have learned this from their mentors.

Finally Podesta will have to testify.  I hope this is under oath.

This poll says most people are tired of all the Russian investigations.

AS I started to post this Rush Limbaugh mentioned it.  A Great Big Coup is on the Way.

1.4 Illegals working under stolen social security numbers.

Fake news personified

Who Does the FBI Work For?  Be afraid, be very afraid.


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Hmmm…. looks like this very extremest liberal recognizes that focusing on Russia is not in their best interest. Are the worms turning?

US College Campuses are hotbeds of Anti-Semitism.

Dr. Ben Carson was raised in poverty, he lived through it and rose above due mostly to the attitudes his mother instilled in him. It is possible he knows more about poverty than any researcher. He has been studying it all his life. Maybe instead of trying to refute his ideas this author should have looked for people like him who rose above it and studied them in contrast to those who did not. This is a once sided study, that is not scientific.

A report on Fracking in Texas  apparently the only harm it does is to the roads.  I could have told them that part.

Well, well, well.  The Atlantic is telling on itself, or its subscribers, the liberals.

Bad news for the climatistas.

Two stories of the Trump investigation scandal, the scandal is the investigation.  This one asks if they’ve gone too far.  This one echoes the gone too far line.

Yesterday’s I sent the email links t through my ATT account.  The gmail account rejected them immediately.  One of the problems Google advised me, could be fixed by making a Google Group and making everyone join in.  I don’t plan to go that route.  I’m giving the gmail account another try, If it doesn’t work, the ATT account may become the default account.

The list email was rejected immediately, so I will be using the ATT email account.  If that fails I hope I will be able to just send the one link to this blog address.

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Mueller has a conflict of interest and there is a solution.

There is an unexpected concession in this article about global warming, we can only see the abstract but Powerline’s  Stephen Hayward explains what we cannot see.  However, we can see this at the end of the abstract: It is also unlikely that this asymmetry is due to the combined effects of internal variability and a model error in climate sensitivity. We conclude that model overestimation of tropospheric warming in the early twenty-first century is partly due to systematic deficiencies in some of the post-2000 external forcings used in the model simulations.

If we were all vegetarians……

Posted By Ed Driscoll on Instapundit:THE MEDIA HAVE A BAD CASE OF THE TRUMPS, Andrew Ferguson writes:

The meeting did sound truly appalling, utterly icky. But then I started to think … wait a minute. If the story was that every cabinet member was puckering up for Trump in public, why did the CNN reporter illustrate the point with a quote from Priebus, the chief of staff, who’s not a cabinet member? And I thought some more. Most of these cabinet secretaries are pretty self-possessed people, proud of their achievements in life, and cravenly kissing up to a boss, even when he’s president of the United States, doesn’t fit the profile.

And so I did what I, as a proud consumer of the mainstream liberal press, am not supposed to do. I second-guessed the mainstream liberal press. I watched the video of the cabinet meeting, all twenty-damn-five minutes of it, and I discovered that every story I had read or heard or seen that morning about the cabinet meeting was, as a whole, wrong or misleading, and in many particulars, just wrong.  Unexpectedly…

Notes on a Political Shooting.

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Did you know there was a truck attack in DC.  It is questionable whether it was Islamic terror or just hate of the police, but terror is what it was.

Why Venezuela Matters.  It saddens me to see this in my own grandchildren.

I hope Trump does not actually fall into this trap.  This is what his opponents want.

An Imam reseigned from a mosque because another Imam was in favor of mutilations of female genatalia.  That’s the second article I’ve seen on Muslims who disapprove of the 7th century rules.

I do not like the use of the F word, it is like scratching on a blackboard to my ears.  I realize I am elderly but I find it lessens a person. Apparently  Sen Kirsten Gillebrand  (D, NY) finds it cool to use in a speech.

I heard Reality Winner’s mother on TV doing the PR exactly as planned in this article.

Twelve employees of an Indiana group tied to former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and former President Bill Clinton were charged Friday for allegedly submitting fake or fraudulent voter registration applications before the 2016 presidential election.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Thursday evening accused former FBI director James Comey of providing false testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

A US Army Colonel and his wife have been charged in a bribery scheme

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I don’t think it is worth me reporting any links on the Comey hearing. I am totally disgusted by his actions and don’t  need to tell you why. But, of course, there will be one or two.

This report on Fast And Furious is not getting any MSM attention.

Comey edges Trump in voter trust. I wonder what they will say after today?

Rep. Nunes   is subpoenaing former Obama administration officials who may have played a role in inappropriate monitoring of the Trump transition team.

“At one point, the Attorney General [Lynch] told me not to call it and investigation but instead to call it a ‘matter,’ which confused and concerned me,” the former FBI director told the committee Thursday.

Apparently nothing else happened today, only Comey. Am I cynical, yes I am.

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It has always been an agreement from the US, not ever a treaty.  All other nations have a treaty.

Loose lips reported on the Battle of Midway,  as bad as the NYTimes today.

CNNi has been pretty blatant on their fake news, this time they  were caught red handed.

Megan Kelly’s first big debut didn’t go over very well.

Is anyone surprised about the media blackout on the state dept.’s suit  about funding for the Soros group?

An investigation has begun about funding and the Clinton foundation. But don’t expect to see it on the major news.

Richard Fernandez on Great Britain  An unsustainable program of political correctness killed the very thing it swore to protect. Read the whole thing.

All from Instapundit:

Scott Adams has one solution.

IT DOES SEEM THAT WAY: The Left Won’t Rest Until Somebody Gets Killed. “I’m old enough to remember when ‘violent rhetoric’ was the root of all our problems, and crosshairs on a website no one ever saw was the reason for mass murder. Of course, those were different times, times in which the president had a (D) after his name, not an evil (R). . . . But if liberals believed what they were saying back then, what does it tell us about what they’re hoping for now? There’s really only one conclusion to draw: They want blood, literal blood.”

Related: Leaked Screenshots Reveal BuzzFeed Director Wishing for Trump Assassination.

Plus: The Return of Assassination Fascination.

Also: Assassination Threats Against Trump Flood Twitter.

And: “Question for NBC, do you condone your producers justifying an attempted assassination on Donald Trump?”

Finally: Scott Adams: The Media Are Trying To Get Donald Trump Killed.

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Some back channel history the Democrats don’t want to talk about.

Some examples of the Fake News used against Trump.

Green Religion–Justification by Climate Faith Alone

There has been a whole lotta hacking going on, for a long time now.

Scott Adams had fun stirring the climatista’s pot.

From Instapundit: New York Times defends decision to identify undercover CIA agent.

Donald Trump’s second Executive Order on visa entry from six majority Muslim countries is now before the Supreme Court.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg should recuse herself because of previous comments.

Twitter has a remarkable power to make well-credentialed people look like fools. Case in point: Joyce Chaplin, who is theJames Duncan Phillips Professor of Early American History at Harvard University.

Non political but interesting things I read today.

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