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How Silicon Valley, the big guys, help with government surveillance.

I know I’ve said this more than once: This is Madness – The Media are Just as Complicit In The DOJ Corruption and FISA Abuse…  This article is saying it too.

It seems Rosenstein is one of the bad guys, or at least has thrown his lot in with them.

FIGURES. Sensitive Snowflake Who Resigned from FBI Cuz People Write Mean Things=> WAS COMEY’S PERSONAL ASSISTANT

A backlash on #Metoo had to happen and it is.

Andrew Klavan says, “Reality has a voice.”

Massive Pentagon agency lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars

No matter its motives, the FBI became a tool of anti-Trump political actors. From a Wall Street Journal editorial as quoted in this Breitbart story.

The Economy Is Thriving And Jobs Are Booming: Why Trump Deserves Credit, as for what the market is doing, we all realize that what goes up usually comes down, at least a correction is in order.

Settled science is never really settled, especially when it comes to fats and carbs.

Kaepernick raises $20K in celebrity donations for group honoring convicted cop-killer

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we sue over climate change, thanks to Ceil for sending this link.

Here’s a part of the tangled web we haven’t seen before, Steele wrote more than one memo.

There is so much that did not come out in that memo, but it is pretty well  known by some.  A link inside the story lead to the Three Amigos, I wish it were only three.

I can only hope this is true. Without leverage, Democrats appear to be abandoning immigration reform.

STUDY: Plane cabins crawling with germs… via Drudge.  Did they really need a study to figure this out?

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This is appalling about the IRS in the same way the memo is about the FBI, and it includes the FBI.

Radioactive Trump  I think Hanson is beginning to respect Trump in spite of his commonness.  He saw a need for America and he is really doing his best to make America great again.  My words here, VDH says it much better and much longer.

The robber barons of this century, I’ve probably written about this before.  My problem is I use them willingly knowing they are a monopoly with growing power. However, I think the author doesn’t give people enough credit when it comes to looking for the best deals on amazon.

15 Chain Migration Terrorists, sometimes I wonder how the right wing press will be allowed to exist. If we ever lose the house and senate to democrats we are going on the ash heap of history.

Richard Fernandez on “the memo” – Was it Worth it?  I don’t think Democrats really care, they raise a hue and cry but that is all performance art to get the attention away from the real meat of the memo.

No national defense or classified material was harmed in the release of the memo, paraphrasing Bill Cinton.  Instead it reveals the Coup against America.

Do you remember Filegate?”  The first time the Clintons used FBI information illegally.

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I listened to C-Span for a while this morning to hear callers from around the country give their opinions of Trump and the speech.  I was surprised at the number of people who seem to think infrastructure means only roads and bridges.  I think those people would be surprised at what all it includes.

CNN couldn’t believe its own poll on the SOTU.

An Analysis of the policy proposals in the speech

Fact Checking from the Daily Signal

A Russian RPG caught in raid in Mexico.  The do interfere in any way they can. I the US the use the mainstream media.

Ann Althouse on Joe Kennedy and the Democrats, Big mistake.

There is climate change and then there is climate change in the other direction.  It can happen.

Stormy Daniels, the porn actress is denying she ever had an affair with Donald Trump.

The fun post today, a copy of the Schiff memo a’ la Steven Hayward at Powerline Blog.

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I am not familiar with the website where this story is but it rings true to me.  Petraeus was too popular with conservatives, and unpopular with Obama so he had to be brought down.  As for the real meat of the story, I do not doubt it at all.

John McCain is well known for getting revenge, this time he has endangered our whole country.  The Story is by Dick Morris, so there is that aspect, also.

You probably have not seen, nor heard, of this video from Davos with President Trump. Watch it and listen.  I wish it had the answers everyone around the table.

It is any wonder we think conspiracy.  Former president Barack Obama’s official campaign organization has directed nearly a million dollars to the same law firm that funneled money to Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous Steele dossier. Since April of 2016, Obama For America (OFA) has paid over $972,000 to Perkins Coie, records filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show.

One of the new things to ban is plastic straws, it is based on a 9 year old boys extimation.

This is partially written by (Devlin Barrett) the man Page  and Strokz leaked to for the WSJ according to their texts.  Hmmm……

On McCabe New Book: McCabe Initiated White House Meeting That Led To Leak

Hours After FBI Director Chris Wray Reviews House Intel Memo, Asst. FBI Director McCabe Resigns….

I guess I was right to think twitter was crazy. Rush explains.

Steve Wynn also contributed a lot to Democrats, especially in Nevada.

From Conspiracy Theories to Conspiracy.  Just like being paranoid, sometimes they are out to get you.

Daniel Greenfield “The Second Civil War”  the scary truth.  We’ve been in one since 2001.

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Gerrymandering is probably here to stay, here’s why.  I don’t know why it took a study to figure this out.

An honor to a black right to life leader is being ignored and the media.

Damned lies, leaks and fake news.  When I hear a leak now I have to be suspicious of the report and wonder what the propaganda behind it is, truth, lies, skewed reporting, preparing us to be ready for a truth or for a lie?  Who can we trust?

Far from this being a classic Republican cave-in, the DACA proposal (is) probably a clever Trumpian deal to outsmart the Democrats and leave them out on their ear.  This makes sense to me, read it and see if it fits with what you’ve heard or read.

Richard Fernandez reports on Davos and it leads into the next link.

Trump’s popularity at Davos was yuugely underreported.

Bookie at Bookworm room blog is glorying in a young leftist who has realized how effective Trump is while not realizing his own glaring bigotry.

Today’s thing that made me smile. It’s a direct copy from Instapundit.
YESTERDAY: President Trump may be giving a speech to a empty room in Davos.
TODAY: Speech Snub: Theresa May gives her speech to a half-empty room in Davos as  the crowds rush out for Donald Trump.

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As far as I am concerned tapping a 3rd tier Kennedy to deliver the Dems State of the Union Response is the best thing they can do to help the president.  I wish his Boston accent was as pronounced as his forbears accents were, but he has been Americanized.  What an elitist thing to do.

This writer lays out my opinion of why Trump said he would speak to Mueller, and he explains much better than I could.

Journalist kept quiet about photo of Obama with Nation of Islam leader  You may have seen this last night on Tucker Carlson’s show.  The picture was more or less taken from his control by others.

Soros to Google and Facebook: ‘Your days are numbered’  Gee, he must have seen some of the stuff said about him on Facebook, all true and telling.

Even CNN is reporting the Strzok/Page  texts speaking of Hillary being president and afraid of what could happen to them if she was investigated too harshly.

I wonder if the NYT story that Trump wanted Mueller fired is a plot to find more leakers. It is a story  “according to four people told of the matter.”  On the other hand, maybe they already know.

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WE NEED A LOT OF POLLING-PLACE SUPERVISION TO PREVENT THIS SORT OF THING: Overheard at Philly polling place: No GOP votes ‘on my machine!’  direct from Instapundit.

THE PASSWORD IS: LYSENKOISM. Feminist Event Encourages Scientists To Only Pursue ‘Socially Just’ Research: “Got that? They want scientists to only undertake studies and only publish conclusions that will support a radical feminist worldview. Testicular cancer is striking down many men in their prime, you say? Well, don’t you dare invest scarce research money into finding a cure — men already have too many advantages.”  Unexpectedly.(Classical reference in headline.) by Ed Driscoll in Instapundit

Do Americans want a rational immigration policy.

Heritage Foundation Says Trump Has Embraced Two-Thirds of Its Agenda

We all suspected and knew in our hearts D’Sousa was targeted because of his books and movies about Obama, now he has proof.  Be sure to read this one.

The symbolic Doomsday Clock just moved a notch closer to the end of humanity  I haven’t read this, and I really don’t care too, but when I saw the headline I thought, “why would anyone think it wouldn’t be, and aren’t we all moving a notch closer to our end, every single day?”

A little different that the usual politics, I found this interesting.  Some men might not find it quite as interesting. The Nonverbal Communication Gender Gap

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We still need to make sure this does NOT happen. Sen. Tom Cotton: Flake-Graham-Durbin Bill Gives AMNESTY to DACA ‘Children’ AND THEIR PARENTS! –MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS!

The March for Life vs the so called Women’s March.

That leads right into this Advice to Young Ladies in This Very, Very Stupid Era

FBI Agents Spoke Of ‘Pressure’ To Wrap Up Clinton Probe As Trump Surged To GOP Nomination

Sorry Cato Santiago, you were very wrong and the Democrats believed you.  Now they look shamed and foolish.  The people are not in support of DACA.

VDH with the facts on illegal immigration. 

Democrats end shutdown — Republicans cut taxes another $31 billion  I had not heard about this.

Unsealed FISA court ruling shows 85% of Barack Obama’s FISA searches were illegal

Your laugh for the day:  CNN: Trump left us vulnerable to an asteroid attack

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You have to know your history to get the title of this article, but I bet you agree with the premise once you read it.  Playing McClellan to Trump’s Grant: The NeverTrump Traitors

The NSA is out of control by any authority but their own.

What happens when American Blacks move to Africa?

I do not like Elizabeth Warren’s politics, but many, many people in the US claim Cherokee heritage as a family tradition and are shocked when they find out it is not true.  I suggest she apologize by saying “I am actually sorry to find it is only a legend as I took great pride in my heritage.”  I suspect that is what happened.  She could do  a DNA test and it might show she has Native American ancestors, who knows.

Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions, or hundreds of millions of Americans?” There was no ambiguity or confusion and Clapper responded, “No, sir. … Not wittingly.” That was a lie and Clapper knew it when he said it.

Scott Adams write the Dilbert series but he also has a blog and some very good ideas.  I don’t think this North Korea idea will happen but in a sane world it would.

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Thursday Links

A real ARE YOU KIDDING ME, momentWTH?… Deep State DOJ Claims a “Glitch” is to Blame For ‘Missing’ Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Docs

So Lyndsey Graham says Trump isn’t a racist, I did get a little chuckle reading this.  Apparently just watch out if you cross the president, doesn’t matter what color you are.

Blumenthal, friend of Hillary is responsible for a lot of evil doing. This page may be shadow banned, I first got a page not found message, clicked on the politics link at the top and it popped right up.  This has happened a lot lately.  Twice today on two different stories.

Is Make America Great Again possible?  VDH discusses the possibility.

Instead of linking article by article in Powerline I suggest you just click the name and peruse as you like.

I hope they win this lawsuit against Berkley.

Friday Links

Simpson Admits they went public to change the outcome of the election.  It didn’t work, I hope it sends him and others to jail.

The Climate-Change Doomsday Just Got Cancelled

Linda Tripp Laughs Last at the Clintons  is there anything Clinton that doesn’t involve a scandal?

About those Russian Facebook ads, or the lack thereof.

Remember this?  Maxine Waters saying, “Obama has put in place the kind of database… will have everything on every individual.”

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