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George Will on inequality facts and figures.

They still don’t know if someone burned the mosque in Victoria, but now we learn this and wonder if it is connected. 

Background on the Judge who stayed the ban on terrorists.

The Trump Opposition: Hell hath no fury like Democrats scorn.  Their headline not mine.

This is very bad news for Baylor.  And it is just the sports part.  How many liberal professors do they have turning our young people into liberals? 

Dakota Access Pipeline protest leader, charged with inciting a riot, 74 arrested. Note: this is not the tribal leader, he was against this man’s actions.

Another Friday release of emails from the FBI, at this point, what difference does it make? Well maybe a lot in the long term, but it is just more icing on the cake of Clinton’s duplicity or stupidity, or arrogance.

If you have any doubts about who funds those rioting protestors, here’s the story.

Try to restrain your excitement — Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and John Kasich are all writing books.

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Berkley’s Shame, is also the shame of the progressive left.

Fake news did not alter election results.

The Party of Outrage, apparently some are beginning to think they’ve gone too far.  Of course they have, but will that make them back off.

Probably all of us have some young voters in our families who have fallen prey to Weaponized Empathy. 

There was no “Bowling Green massacre,” in any Bowling Green. There was, as many have pointed out, an incident in 2011 where two Iraqi men were arrested for trying to send weapons to al-Qaeda. Both men admitted to having attacked American troops in Iraq, but no attacks occurred in the United States. The Bowling Green massacre has the happy distinction of being the least-deadly massacre in American history  From an article in the Washington Post making fun of Kellyanne Conway who alluded to the “massacre” she obviously was mistaken but she was referring to a real event.  You have to look hard to find this in the long article dissing Trump and Kellyanne.

The Monica Crowley plagiarism debate goes on, or is debunked, also see this Hot Air article about it.

That transit officer in Denver would be alive today if the FBI and Homeland Security had followed up on the TWO leaders of mosques who reported the shooter as being radicalized.

If you know the history of Nancy Pelosi, whose daughter she is, and how much money she and her husband have made while she is a Representative you will not be surprised at this.   This is from 20114

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This sexual misconduct stuff is out of control.

A Tunisian Refugee was arrested in Germany for plotting a terror attack.

Some of those anti Trump rallies were financed by Google.  This leaves me in a quandary, I use google products a lot.  I wish I could give them up, but the internet is rife with them. Do people really understand what open borders even means?  Or are they just the people who are rounded up by Move On, google, and other democrat party manipulators.

President Trump cost a British lord’s employer — Lockheed — more than a half-billion dollars when Trump got the price cut on the F-35   More about it here.

Petraeus says the world order is under threat from a number of sources.  He is a very smart man, but I think we all realize this.

Are Democrats running the Tea Party playbook against Trump.  I didn’t know for sure we have a playbook. I do know that at this point we need a new one and to step up our game.

Joe and Jill Biden have launched the Biden Foundation.  I hope they don’t design it with the Clinton Foundation blueprint.

A friend alerted me to this on Facebook last night.  Cats at a dog show, it should be interesting.


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This is the correct link for the Democratic Shills in Academia. It was not correct in yesterday’s post.

I found this from following links from others on Facebook.  A lot to digest todayHumble Pie in Short Supply.  We may call them snowflakes but we gave them their false self esteem.

I suspect this was not the only town in which young women thought they had a license to vandalize. I do believe they have been taught that anything goes to further their ideology.

Was the Quebec shooter Canada’s Dylan Root?

With Staff like this student’s do not even have to plan their own protests.

Oh the humanity!  Trump is actually doing what he said he would do

Team Clinton is still working on excuses for their loss.

Quinnipiac Poll: voters limits on immigration.  Probably a surprise to the poll takers.

Sally Yates sees herself as a heroic model, I am sure.  But she really was foolish.

Was a Yemeni suicide attempt on a Saudi ship meant for a US ship?

Obama Turned Away 91 Cuban Refugees two days before the Trump inauguration.

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The Washington Post says first combat death in Trump administration.  That is true but much farther down in the article is this: The operation, which took place in a remote desert area of Yemen’s Shabwa governorate, had been planned for months and aimed to obtain intelligence information, including computer material, that was believed to be linked to planning for external attacks.

People who should know better get opinion pieces in leading newspapers.

The Abortions wars- A war between women?

This should alarm us all Austrian Islamists were in the process of drawing up plans to set up a caliphate in Austria, a massive raid conducted by over 800 Austrian police officers has revealed.

Preibus says “We won’t apologize for keeping America safe.”

Too many Democratic shills in academia.  We’ve all seen those intelligent kids who don’t realize they are brainwashed.

An interesting article on free trade, or just trade in general.

What some newspapers report and other newspapers DO NOT ADMIT, voter fraud.

Liberals fall for fake news.  And the real news report claims at least one was Islamic.  More to come.

From a nurse in Germany.  I do not know this site, so authenticity may be in doubt, but I believe it to be authentic.  I’m afraid that makes me sound like Dan Rather.

And now for a bit of humor, this is long but funny.  A Brief History of the Redneck.

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My first thought of the bugging of the GOP meeting was an anti-Trump mole in the group, but on second thought I wonder if it is from those who are pro-Trump to reveal those who are working against him.  That road could run both directions.

Zuckerberg has discovered you get very bad publicity if you oppose Trump’s wall with Mexico while building one of your own in Hawaii.

More on the “oppositional press.”

I wonder if this is really true. The Palestinian cause is “no longer a top priority” for the Arab world, a Saudi journalist declared earlier this month.  via

The Poll the Press didn’t want you to see

The New York Times view of Trump’s first week, as per Ann Althouse

Read what Chuck Todd has to say on what the media did not report during the run up to the election.  Interesting that they did not want to appear anti-woman but had no problems at all with appearing anti conservative. Or as a commenter said: Except for conservative Christians, gun owners, cops, middle class white people and the other deplorables that liberals despise. #Clueless.

Watch Mia Love speak of what might have been during the March for Life

We saw a cloud like this when leaving Yosemite via Tioga Pass, but we were in the middle of the day and it did not have the beautiful sunset glow.  I wish I could have seen this one.

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A lot of people liked Trump’s inaugural speech.

The Myth of Obama’s Popularity

Not speaking out on social or other media is standard practice in business.

More about that second civil war by Richard Fernandez.

Those top State Dep’t. officials were fired.  One reason why: In addition to his role as fixer for Clinton at the State Department, Kennedy was ultimately responsible for decisions regarding security at the Benghazi consulate. The review board did not find Kennedy responsible for the decision to cut security, but chargé d’affaires Gregory Hicks testified he believed Kennedy should have been held at least partly responsible.

Obama had the worst record at the Supreme Court in modern history, and if Justice Roberts had not changed the meaning of a word it would be even worse.

Feds blame “Lapse in Vetting” for letting Syrian Refugees with terrorist ties into the US.  Or maybe not vetting at all.

The truth is out there, Gruber the architect of Obamacare told Tucker Carlson it was never supposed to work for everybody.

It isn’t that easy to immigrate to Canada or Australia.

Have you heard about this study concerning voter fraud?

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I get an email every morning from Hot Air and look through the headlines to see what to share.  Silly me, today almost all of them are worth sharing.  I’ll just link to Hot Air so you can pick and choose.  There will be some new ones by the time you get there.

Why Obamacare doesn’t work, if they would only admit it.

The head of the ethics office has received a bipartisan rebuke from Congress

The Atlantic tried to say fetal heartbeats were a myth, they had to back track on that.

Good news@ George Soros doesn’t always win.  We knew that when we elected Trump, but did you realize he is working so highly on down tickets?

Climate Follies, also if you look deeply into the data you find the warmest year on record won by only 0.003%

I don’t know why this is a headline, we all know it’s true.  The Associated Press goes to war with Trump.

Have you heard about the undercover story proving Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide pre-natal care?

America’s Second Civil War, or as some of my friends and relatives call it, the uncivil war.

Corrupt Employees already being fired from VA, one on inauguration day.

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The Brainwashing of a Nation.

America to the Liberal Elite- “new phone, who dis?”  Language warning if you link the video actually named this.  Good article otherwise.

Just heard about this Irish columnist , Ian O’Doherty  .  I really like him.  You have to sign up to read it, it’s long and well worth reading.  A Two Fingers to a Politically Correct Elite. 

 From the middle of his post: We have been going through a cultural paroxysm for the last 10 years – the rise of identity politics has created a Balkanised society where the content of someone’s mind is less important than their skin colour, gender, sexuality or whatever other attention-seeking label they wish to bestow upon themselves.

In fact, where once it looked like racism and sexism might be becoming archaic remnants of a darker time, a whole new generation has popped up which wants to relitigate all those arguments all over again.

Also from a foreign press Donald Trump, American Hero.  As in the One who rides in to save the day.

Two women who lost loved ones in service to this country were spat upon by women anti-Trump protestor as the were entering and as they left an event where  the American Legion hosted a tribute to Medal of Honor recipients at their Veterans Inaugural Ball.   

Surviving the Cult. Sarah Hoyt who grew up under socialism is scared, and so am I.  It frightens me to see mobs of women shouting crazy stuff and wearing their crazy hats.  I am not afraid for my life, I am afraid for my grandchildren, two of whom have embraced the crazy.

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Why some wise men fear Trump.

The Pope said that the new President deserved to be judged by his actions, not by “prophecies” of what he may or may not do.

Look at how much Soros was involved in the funding of the women’s march, written by a Muslim woman who voted for Trump.

Obama’s DOJ is no longer in charge, but will these people be tried by a jury of their peers.  Will their peers acquit them? Will they actually get prison time?  We will have to wait and see.

This tie to the Hamas group to the Woman’s march organizer was actually admitted to on c-span this morning.  After all the calls were done.  A caller had told them where to go to find it, they had not know about it.  They need to check the Daily Caller as closely as they follow the NYT and Washington Post.

What I posted on Facebook this morning concerning the Women’s March:

I write this knowing some will take offense to it.  So be it.  I worked with illiterate adults enough to know how hard their lives and the lives of their children are.  And I know it is not getting better for them, it has gotten worse.

I look at all the marches yesterday where so many traveled so far to get to them.  Travel is not cheap.  Only those who could afford to managed to get to the major cities.  So many women were working all day, or could not afford it.

Many of those women are living in shelters or in their homes but in poverty. Probably more women living hand to mouth than we have any idea of.

How much more love would have been shown had that travel money been given to the local shelters for abused women? How much money would have been raised?  When we see millions of women marched, we know millions could have been raised to help those in shelters, to help those who are homeless and to help fund the volunteer organizations every city has for the purpose of helping others.

I know many woman marched in their own cities or those close by in their own states.  But many traveled long distances to get to the major cities.  I know the hats are cute and didn’t cost that much, I will give them leeway on that money spent on that and for marching in local cities.

I would now ask everyone who marched to give to their local abused women’s shelters, to the NGO homeless shelters, and to go tutor either adults or youngsters who are going to be left behind because of their low level reading skills.  That will show me you actually feel the love.

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