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Have you seen the video of Acosta and Miller, well here is a fact check on it.

A liberal think tank sees the problem, it is the liberal slant in education, universities and think tanks. A quote from the article: This intellectual atmosphere can seem stifling.     ⁋Policy schools need more conservatives, and more platforms for conservative viewpoints.  You do have to read down to read this quote, but it is quite telling.

Voters remain unconvinced there is a “Party of the People.”  There is good reason for that.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday announced a government-wide crackdown on leakers, which will include a review of the Justice Department’s policies on subpoenas for media outlets that publish sensitive information. For some reason I do not believe that will stop it.

McMasters is getting some earned bad press.  More links that contain links here.

The president denies he said the White House was a dump, but if he did there was good reason.

Just because you’ve lived a long time doesn’t mean you have smarts, some of us do, some of us don’t.  This guy has been in the politics business a long time but his tweets are not as smart as Trumps.

American Conservatism 1945-2017.  An interesting article on the history;  you will have to do further reading to understand the whole thing.  Some of you probably have, I cannot claim that I have read all the quoted books.

Sessions really is planning to do some digging into government payments to Left Wing groups.

And the good news is……  in the left wing The Atlantic, Trump has Accomplished More than It Appears.

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It is a rare moment with the Washington Post when they seem to agree with Republicans or Conservatives  on anything.  This time it is an editorial on a local $15 minimum wage.  Let’s hope they’ve read Walter Williams on this.

Racial minorities engage in “competitive victimhood” in a quest for recognition of past sufferings such as slavery and colonialism, according to a new research study published by Belgian professors.

What can we say, John Brennan is not to be trusted.

This compares to the saying “out of the mouths of babes,”  trust a baby or a real worker to tell you the truth.  A Chesapeake Bay crabber tells Al Gore the sea level hasn’t changed since he started crabbing in 1970

It is hard to hold the press accountable for their sleazy actions, Sarah Palin is having a hard time of it.

You know the lefties heads are exploding over this: Justice Dept. takes on college admittance and race.

What would we do, where would we be without Judicial Watch?  Their latest on the Clintons.

Paul Ryan visited the border, read what he said.

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At least Judicial Watch is on the case, they have filed three lawsuits for info on FBI acting director McCabe. You might want to just link their site to see what all they are doing.

I hate to say this of a man who is battling brain cancer but perhaps John McCain has done his last damage to the GOP and it was a major blow.

What happens when the grid goes down, just a small sampling, but it is critical to some.

Someone needs to tell the mainstream media that Twitter isn’t the be all, end all of news.

The IRS hasn’t purged all its demons,  my question is, “has it purged any of them?”

Yes, that actually means FBI Director James Comey was using propaganda commissioned by Russia to attack Trump, as the framework to launch his FBI investigation into candidate Donald Trump and Russian collusion.   Is anyone who isn’t a liberal surprised at this?  Do the liberals even Know? I doubt MSN or CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS ran with the story.

Politicians around the world seem not to realize the digital reality of hacking.

Where the Scandals Really Are.

Are FusionGPS and Venezuelan  client Derwick Associates still up to making trouble?  Of course.

Scott Adams is optimistic that we can get a better health care system.

And in another article about the testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Foreign Agents Registration Act Browder was clear that he believed Russians paid Fusion GPS to conduct the anti-Magnitsky Act campaign. And of course, Fusion GPS was also behind the Trump Dossier. And that left Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham with lots of questions.

“The group that did the dossier on President Trump hired this British spy, wound up getting it to the FBI. You believe they were working for the Russians?”

“In the spring and summer of 2016 they were receiving money indirectly from a senior Russian government official,” Browder answered.

I think that is about all for today.  There is much more to explore but I know I don’t like to get too many links so I’ll try to keep this from being too long.

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If you are conservative you may have heard about this.  Liberals may not be up to speed on the IT people from the DNC who made of with millions and probably some state secrets, as well as the DNC emails.  Here’s Paul Mirengoff of Powerline on the DNC and the Iwan’s.

An article on the “transgender military conflict.”  I agree with this article.  And I will go on to say I believe the term gender came into use so we would forget, and some don’t seem to know, that gender is a grammatical term and sex is a biological, scientific word.   There are some anomalies who are born with neither sex, but that is not who most of these individuals are. Funny how the liberals want us to be “scientific” with climate change and not with “gender.”

What if the Trump Sessions feud is one big charade?  Hmmmmm…. head fake?

Sarah Palin is going after her defamers.  About time.

Feds subsidized nonexistent tenants.   And spent $803,633 in fraudulent subsidies.  A drop in the bucket of what has been squandered overall.  But those drops add up to a flood.

Beware the Deep State, they have done coups and who knows what else.

How deep are the conspiracies, watch this and tell me what you think?

These are some links from Ace of Spades you might find interesting.

Mexico is responsible for the horrible human smuggling tragedy, and that is not just the latest murder in a hot truck event but all the many others we never hear about.

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I guess both sides can leak information on investigations.  This investigation on those smashed computer drives of Debbie W Shults seems to get no publicity.

The Gards are giving up on the baby being helped.  In the beginning the treatment might have worked, now we’ll never know because of all the time spent in court trying to free him from the socialist system.

I hope this writer is correct,  maybe we can get more of what we voted for from the recalcitrant Republicans.

I feel the same way about Jeff Sessions, I would fire him over the forfeiture idea, too.  But of course, it is a back time to do that.

The left is determined to sink the Trump presidency.  That would sink ordinary Americans, too.

Trump tweets that Washington is not a swamp, it is a sewer, and he is right.

The Republican National Committee is trouncing the Democratic National Committee when it comes to raising money, especially from small donors.   The author, Byron York, talks about why the Democrats aren’t raising money, but he neglects to say why so many small donors are giving to Republicans.  Do you think it might be they are fed up with all the drum beating against Trump?

About that UT gun carry thing?

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I wasn’t going to do links and comments today.  But now I’m getting angry. The FBI is routinely asking witnesses in its Russia investigation about the accusations in a dossier against Donald Trump, further expanding the reach of a discredited opposition research paper sourced from the Kremlin and financed and distributed by Democrats.

Mueller’s investigations are now being leaked, by insiders apparently.

American Leninism.The effort to destroy Trump is a planned, ongoing event.

Voter Fraud is real.

As I see it the Cold Civil War is not very civil.

Uh oh, even pro illegal immigration admits they hurt American workers.

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A Charlie Gard situation could happen here.

Does the Louisiana Democratic Party know where it would be without President Jefferson?

So far the Russian disinformation program has worked brilliantly.  I’ve been saying this but VDH has a much more authoritative voice than I do.

How much goalpost moving should be tolerable in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation?

Well, boo hoo for Podesta, that company he got 75,000 shares from, a Russian connected company, during Hillary’s Sec of State term of office, has collapsed.  After Hillary wasn’t elected all those who hope to benefit withdrew their support.

This is a long list of what happened under Obama’s watch.  It’s Much Worse than we Feared.

On the other hand Trump has done this.  And Gateway Pundit has this list of accomplishments.

We don’t need more Republicans we need more conservatives. from a post on Ace of Spades blog.

ICE is sending added support to “Uncooperative Jourisdictions“,  that would be sanctuary cities, counties and states.

This could be a very serious, prolonged cold spell, 100 years is a long time.

Whoa!  Obama had a secret plan to use military at polling places on election day.

Jeh Johson gives Trump credit for less illegal immigration. But, of course, he is not pleased about it.

Who is guarding the guardian? Mueller, Comey, et. al.

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The Key Facts about Slavery that the Left ignores—  meaning most high school and university books.

Truer words never than what is said in this article. He fights! With Donald Trump, this all has come to an end.  Donald Trump is America’s first wartime president in the Culture War

The Philly Archbishop is speaking out on American Catholics being called racists bigots by the church in Rome.

The New York Times doesn’t want Dershowitz’s opinions known.

JUST IN: DOJ new asset forfeiture policy – police can seize property from people not charged w/crime even in states where it’s been banned.   White men speaking with forked tongues. (I hope you are all old enough to understand that quote.)

Remembering Ted Kennedy for what he really was.  (scroll to last item in the post.)

La Raza is changing its name, but not its objectives.

from Instapundit: BUT THE NARRATIVE! HHS analysis finds Cruz amendment lowers premiums, boosts enrollment.

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Check out these charts on the temperature, actual temps that is.

The Times they are achanging. Richard Fernandez gets to the meat of the matter.

The left is already preparing tomorrow’s fake news.

A scandal isn’t a scandal when it’s a democratic scandal.

Russia didn’t interfere in the elections to help Trump but to destabilize America.  Boy is it working out well for them.

JFK and pre WWII admiration of Nazis.  Fascism was to be admired.

Scott Adams tells us how to fix healthcare.  Better than congress.  Watch the video.

Collusion Confusion, words mean things.

Those leaked Podesta emails are still good for proving corruption.

Have the Russian stories failed so badly they are starting in on Trump’s weight?  More here.

Claremont College is cracking down on the protestors who shut out free speech.  Do you think it is enough?

This is a fun (sorta) read.  Swampland’s Ten Commandments.

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We all thought it was suspicious that Justice Roberts changed his opinion late in the day, and Justice Scalia was furious.  Now this is coming out, looks like he probably was blackmailed, about what I’m not sure.  At the time is was suspected his adoption of his children might not have been on the up and up.

The New York Times thinks we should think like them. They  don’t like it that we have our own sources now.

Sometimes if you are paranoid, someone is out to get you, and sometimes conspiracy theories  are not just theories, but probable.   As in this case, sounds like someone was playing both sides.

I think the media are trying to do to Trump what the college of Cardinals did to Pope Benedict.  Read what he just wrote for the funeral of a friend.  I was thinking those thoughts last night while reading something the current, very liberal Pope had said.

There are many I know who would call this source Fake News and not bother to read anything from it.  Read about the United Nations Immigration plan.

Here is the same source on one of the people in the Trump/democrat tangle.

An Essay on the Impersonators of God.

The Russian Collusion Story, the Acme of Fake News, in which Clarice Feldman quotes one of my favorites on why Russia wouldn’t be happy with Trump.

The Church of Liberalism.  He/she sees the wrong but doesn’t  realize how to come in from the cold.

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