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Slate lays it on the line re election interference.  This morning I watched all the cable channels carry John McCain and others on the start of a hearing on this.  Fortunately a few Republicans are asking a few very pointed questions.  Clapper just got caught in one. The Federalist has a good article on the “hacking” of the election story.  This is from the Wall Street Journal on Trump’s plans for intelligence agencies, or what they think they are.  Here is an update refuting what they think.

Ted Cruz wants what is best for America.

No explanation on this abrupt resignation?  Look for the coming stories.

The FBI did not examine the servers of the Democratic National Committee before issuing a report attributing the sweeping cyberintrusion to Russia-backed hackers, BuzzFeed News has learned.

What if Trump is Playing Russia Like He Did the US Media?

Obama and his land grabs.  This is my first link to MRCTV, you might want to check it out.

How often does the military not follow up on the missing?

This could be used as a public vendetta, or it could be used to get rid of obvious slackers and those who are on paid administrative leave on the federal pay roll.  Do you have an opinion on it?

This is an interesting article on the what is probably the Philistines of the Bible, it leaves a lot of questions to be answered.  I hope we get updates soon.

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Former Chicago police chief blasts Black Lives Matter

President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday morning criticized House Republicans for “weakening” Congress’s independent ethics watchdog. 

Face it, Democrats, where you are at the start of 2017 is not where you thought you would be.

Do our intelligence agencies suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome?

The Disgrace of the Russians hacked the election narrative.

Why we need a Lame Duck Restraint Act

John Posdesta fell for a phising scam.  Let’s not start another cold war over that.

The Washington Post had this information immediately after they ran the article claiming the Russians hacked into the Vermont power company, why are they just now running this: Russian government hackers do not appear to have targeted Vermont utility, say people close to investigation?

Here’s the real story on the new ethics bill you’ve been reading has been gutted.





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The words Claiming mandate that begins the headline to this story is not what the story is really about.  What the story really shows is how ready the congress will be to enact the bills they have been trying to enact since 2012 and before.

Over the Christmas Holidays we met a man who was biking from Miami to San Diego.  He is writing a journal.  The man in this story not only wrote about his travels, he shares the birdsongs he heard along the way

Did Russia really tamper with the election?  An informed opinion.

The New Middle Ages

United States National Intelligence Oversight – The “Gang of Eight

John Kerry audio on getting rid of Assad, for a transcript go here.

New Study of Elitist reveal how out of touch they are   you do not have to be in the bubble to have this – Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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I wish all of you a good, peaceful, healthy, and prosperous HAPPY NEW YEAR.

This is a long list of links I have gathered over several days.  Busy days.

The California gathering that Hatched plan to prosecute climate skeptics.  

Have you heard about the mysterious illness tied to marijuana use?

Does this man have some sort of neurological illness, or is he just evil?

We aren’t the only ones thinking Obama is having a temper tantrum.

Peggy Noonan writes about a man who has toured the country, a Progessive who sees why Trump won. Read it, you might understand.  Oh right, YOU already did.

CNN got caught running real Fake news.

The Democrats have a Religion Problem

Putin is one-upping Obama, waiting for Trump

The British are not following Kerry and Obama’s lead on Israel.   But according to this Obama is planning more mischief with the Palestinian Authority.

Alan Dershowitz threatens to leave the Democrat party if they appoint Ellison as leader

Thomas Sowell’s last column. He says what he is thinking. So many quotables in this column, you’ll just have to read it all. 

Also read this Victor Davis Hanson column, This is the beginning: Nations are collections of human beings, and human nature has not changed, despite Obama’s pleadings.

And to end the year, another of my favorites Richard Fernandez on Witchcraft. Which reminds me that when I first convinced the director of our literacy group VITA, to use computers her term for how computers work was “Magic.”  She was right, that must be it.




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I’m not one to go for boycott’s but I’m not a fan  of Kellog’s cereals anyway.  I need to look into what all they produce. Uh oh, some of my favorites here in this list of all their products.

Twilight of the pop culture gods

Another charge against Trump: libido-crusher!  This isn’t just about sex, it is about a belief system.

That Iran deal is much worse that they admitted, and as bad as we thought.

Thomas Sowell has retired and is now only taking pictures, here is his farewell column.

Trump’s Victory Is a Pivotal Turning Point in Human History

UH OH: Leaked Document: U.S. Colluded With Palestinians 10 Days Before UN Settlements Vote.

Related: Transcript claims to show US worked with Palestinians on UN resolution: Report published in Egypt has Kerry and Rice advising senior Palestinians on strategy at UN and after Trump takes power.

From Instapundit. This is a big deal. Is it true? The State Department denies it, natch, but it fits. And the leak is quite damaging. This is what you get when you spend eight years ignoring communications security and then try to pull a fast one. I guess that’s called “smart diplomacy.”

Two articles, one an editorial from the Washington Post.  Notice how the one from the Washington Post refers to Venezuela : This month its 31 million people lurched a big step closer to that breaking point, thanks to another senseless decree by its autocratic populist government.                                                                                                                                           as  the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby says this: The so-called Bolivarian revolution over which he — and later his handpicked successor, Nicolas Maduro — presided, was an unfettered, real-world example of anticapitalist socialism in action.  I do believe the Post is denying the roots of socialism as the real cause of the problem of autocracy and refers to it instead as populist, to make us think Trump’s win is populism and not anti-socialism.

If you think Obama didn’t plan the Israeli put down in the UN in advance, read this.

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A person who did not vote for Trump reports on jury duty with Tillerson.  She found him to be a very honorable person.

Merrick Garland supporter loses bid to have him voted on in Supreme Court.

US judge orders unsealing of search warrant issued for Clinton’s emails.

Obama advised Trump to “never overdue executive orders.”  Someone needs to explain irony to Obama.

More irony here – remember when Feinstein wanted Brennan investigated for integrity? Now he is a reliable source.

The Senate left town with 99 judicial vacancies as well as the Supreme Court vacancy.  Planning ahead?  How did they know?

Why this part Japanese woman hasn’t learned a lesson from her great grandparents, grandparents and parents is a question to me.  Is she blaming Trump for the internment camps, does she realize it was FDR the almost socialist, communist democrat president who did it?

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Shock and Awe in the Democrat Party, they want to know why she lost, not the excuses we are being given.

John Podesta: not my fault its the FBI’s fault they only warned the IT desk.

If you haven’t watched Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News channel, you need to.  He does some amazing interviews that show liberals to be exactly what they are, mind numbed robots.

The Washington Post has this right, but how much have the contributed to the ignoring of Aleppo?  They have given headline after headline to maligning Trump to the exclusion of news.

Yesterday we drove out to say goodbye to our home of 17 years, to the wilderness home we loved.  Today we signed the final papers so the new owners take over.  I believe they will love it as much as we did.  There comes a time in life when you have to realize you cannot do what you could when you were as young as 70.  We met that time.  We wish nothing but happiness for the ones who will live there now.


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What purple America wants from Trump.

Comey to Trump: The Russians Didn’t Influence the Election   Well, that’s interesting. Sounds like Comey was acting purposely to thwart Hillary. I wonder if he was the leaker?

Rent a voters pass millions in debt while Tea Party activists face prison. As far as I am concerned MUD districts are nothing but trouble.

Liberals wonder why we think they have a bias,  this is why.

Of course Clinton and Obama are behind the big push to sway the electoral college.

I’ve been wondering why no one has brought this up.  This is from the liberal Huffington Post.  The US has been meddling in other countries affairs for a century, It doesn’t feel good.

Apparently the DHS really did hack into Georgia’s Secretary of State’s offices, multiple times.

This talks about the media regaining the public trust.  I’m not sure it’s possible.

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It was the fault of the DNC they were hacked, their fault Podesta’s gmail account was hacked, but as usual it is all Trump’s fault from the Washington Post

This article is a little bit misleading. The woman did tell her 14 year old not to take abortion so flippantly.

“The truth is out there….” (quote from the X Files, I think)

They keep trying to figure out why Clinton lost,  to quote again— “let me count the ways.”  Newt says it was the media being so biased.

If we fire all the unnecessary government workers we are going to raise the unemployment level.

Some electors are being threatened with death if they vote Trump.

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This federal judge thinks the electors in Colorado are trying a political stunt in trying to overturn state law so they don’t have to vote for Trump.  He was explicit in his decision. Read this to see what he said.

Leaderless and lacking a strategy, top party officials worry they’re not ready for Trump’s first 100 days.

You may have been seeing some fake news spread by left wing news sources.

The real figures on how many actually gained insurance because of Obamacare.  

America’s Animal Farm – Again.   

Detroit has some explaining to do, why do the ballot counts show more votes than they can find ballots?

The Energy Dept. refuses to comply with Trump’s request for names of those working on climate change.  Now if they would just realize climate data is not supposed to be propaganda I could go along with that.

Jake Tapper calls out Slate for misquoting Kellyanne Conway and writing a false narrative of it.

I suppose you’ve all heard this by now, but Bill Gates said Trump is the new JFK.  Well, as current Democrats go, JFK couldn’t  possibly be one of them, so we’ll just take Gates quote for what it’s worth, and that is whatever anyone wants to make of it.

What’s behind Trumps move to the right?

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