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I’m betting on the sun

Sometime in the past century it occurred to some people to believe that humans are more powerful than nature, more powerful even than the sun.  Now a sign of real intelligence is returning to the question of what causes climate change.  Why … Continue reading

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Much to read and discuss today, Keystone, AGW, Politics, politics, politics

Stomping around in the swamp –Keystone Pipeline stuff, it is pretty mucky alright. Jobs? What jobs. Politics, green politics, all the scoop. Green Lebesraum the Nazi Roots of Sustainable Development verrryyyy interesting…. These Dems spin better than Rumpelstiltskin this is … Continue reading

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A catching up on the news post

I have been where internet access is unavailable for most of the time since Dec 30th so there is a lot of catching up for me to do.  Some of it is inconsequential so I am posting just from today’s … Continue reading

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Two Important articles for you to read- climate change and CEO salaries

The first one of the articles is Dr. James Hansen’s growing financial scandal, now over a million dollars of outside income. It is important because it shows how personal profit as well as getting grants through personal aggrandizement has soiled … Continue reading

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VDH on what Bush hatred and anger has wrought

It’s long but it is great. I will only post some of the best quotes here. You need to read it all.  He starts with: The Great Madness of 2004-10 The First Symptoms of Hatred—2004 to 2008 For about seven … Continue reading

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Lots of links for today

I get the Pajamas Media newsletter with headlines every day, here is a sample of some from today. Gunwalker: What Will Happen When Ken Melson Testifies? The ATF director is going to talk. Whom will he implicate? Walter Russell Mead … Continue reading

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The Great James Delingpole writes again

From the UK Telegraph – natch. Greenpeace and the IPCC: time, surely, for a Climate Masada? And how are you feeling today, all you Greenies, after your most embarrassing week (well, one of the most embarrassing: the competition, it must … Continue reading

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More news on the Science Blacklist

Here are some links with more discussion of the blacklist of scientists who are skeptics on  AGW. They are at the Examiner.com site and all are by Thomas Fuller who describes himself as Liberal Skeptic. Climate Change and Energy Policy: … Continue reading

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