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Much to read and discuss today, Keystone, AGW, Politics, politics, politics

Stomping around in the swamp –Keystone Pipeline stuff, it is pretty mucky alright. Jobs? What jobs. Politics, green politics, all the scoop. Green Lebesraum the Nazi Roots of Sustainable Development verrryyyy interesting…. These Dems spin better than Rumpelstiltskin this is … Continue reading

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Links I think are important; Afghanistan, Occupy Wall Street, Global Warming, Education

These are the links I sent my email list this morning. I am not going to have much posting time this week.  Family get togethers will take first place, but I will do what I can.  I do this because … Continue reading

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Victor Davis Hanson is one of my Heroes

Anyone who reads my blog or gets my emails knows how I think this man is one of the smartest and most aware men in our universe. And this is why. Rage On—and on and on… Occupy Wall Street? I’ve been … Continue reading

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More Green fiascoes, this one on electric cars

It sometimes doesn’t pay to read the online news sources if I want to get anything at all done around my house.  Today I stalled out on these.  But I will try to use my time efficiently and only post … Continue reading

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Green Fascism from Powerline blog

This is an interesting and informative discussion of how green fascism is working to dislocate native peoples in Africa. It is truly disgraceful. Green Fascism at Work by Steven Hayward Sometimes I like to point out that even if catastrophic … Continue reading

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Quotes and links to two related energy items of note

It seems to me these have a lot to do with each other.  This one is from The Examiner. Obama rubs elbows with regulatory robber barons By: Timothy P. Carney President Obama on Monday was scheduled to give a pep … Continue reading

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How Did Big Green Become So Powerful?

With tax dollars, of course.  This is from the Washington Examiner. SPECIAL REPORT- Big Green: Global warming and EPA’s threat to regulate everthing by Mark Hemingway In 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that it lacked authority under the Clean … Continue reading

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