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And the UK is Waking up to the Climate Facts

From the Times Online: Public scepticism prompts Science Museum to rename climate exhibition The Science Museum is revising the contents of its new climate science gallery to reflect the wave of scepticism that has engulfed the issue in recent months. … Continue reading

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AGW, Enviromentalism, it’s all about the money

From Watts Up With that:North and Booker on Amazongate: A billion dollar cash cow Dr. Richard North of the EU Referendum sends word of this new revelation. North and Christopher Booker were the first to point out the money trail … Continue reading

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The UN and Climategate

From Fox NewsAfter Climate-Gate, U.N. Submits to Independent ReviewBy Ed BarnesIn an apparent slap at the embattled chief of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has ordered a newly formed outside scientific panel to review … Continue reading

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Good Ole Al Gore, "He can’t help it, he was born with a silver foot in his mouth"

See update below after  you read this.Plus he doesn’t know any better because apparently he really doesn’t know exactly what the attacks show. In today’s New York Times (online) he has an editorial essay, much of which can be disputed. We … Continue reading

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UN Climate Change Head Honcho Resigning

This is an AP story, guess it was getting a little warmer in his office.Top UN climate official resigning By ARTHUR MAX AMSTERDAM — Top U.N. climate change official Yvo de Boer told The Associated Press Thursday that he was … Continue reading

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The AP has a long article on the Climategate exposure

And the Washington Post has an article, that if not damning is at least telling the liberal world that something is afoot and it isn’t going to be good for those whose religion is climate change. The AP article is … Continue reading

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Climategate affects are questioned in the Netherlands

Found on Lucianne.comError in Dutch polder data undermines trust in IPCC  A United Nations report wrongly claimed that more than half of the Netherlands is currently below sea level. In fact, just twenty percent of the country consists of polders … Continue reading

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Climategate News from Canada

Climate agency going up in flamesExit of Canada’s expert a sure sign IPCC in troubleby Terence Corcoran A catastrophic heat wave appears to be closing in on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. How hot is it getting in the … Continue reading

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Climategate,Glaciergate, now Amazongate

Read all the spectacular gates at Climate Depot.  They have all the links.I8 links and stories to all the scandals.  Why this is not getting more big story play in the networks, cable and print media, I don’t know. Wait, … Continue reading

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Climate Gate Becomes Pressgate

An article in Andrew Breitbart’s BigJournalism asks that question along with questions for the media and a discussion of the biased, liberal coverage of Climategate.As Climategate Becomes Pressgate, Questions for the Media Trillions of dollars are at stake in the … Continue reading

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