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Is this true, is the Senate Parliamentarian the real culprit who is stalling the Obamacare repeal?

Zero evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.  Gee, who knew?

The Pipe Dream of Renewables.  Windmills and solar panels have and end date and use many resources in the first place.

US-AttorneyGate: Bharara, the press, and the president   Here is John Hindraker’s take on it.        

Many of you who read this know much more about the oil market than I do.  I think  all will be interested in this essay by Richard Fernandez on the Saudis and the oil market.

Fake or just plain twisted news?  President Trump and the golf course meme.

Another federal judge has scalded the unprofessional conduct of Justice Department lawyers inside the Civil Rights Division These should have all been fired on Jan. 20th.  Reason isn’t pleased with the one that just got fired, either. Preet Bharara was the one who put d’Sousa behind bars, too.  Good Riddance!

This little girl is wonderful, she is really into politics and knows where she wants to go in life.  I wish I could be around in 50 years so I could vote her for president.

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