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This is what we are up against.  Democrat Socialists. They are increasing in numbers.

Bill would block EPA from using “Secret Science.”

Thankfully Thomas Sowell has not stopped writing.  The Real Lessons of Middlebury College.

I did not watch any news on Sunday and I missed this.  Fox News Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano says Obama went through British intelligence to get Trump spied on.

This is one reason why Mexicans want to flee Mexico, over 250 skulls found in clandestine graves, cartel deaths.

It isn’t bullying if a liberal does it to Melania Trump.

Was Obama Simply a Hoax?  I wouldn’t exactly call being elected president a hoax, a puppet is what I believe he was. via

I haven’t seen the new Mike Brown so called documentary, nor do I intend to. I know propaganda when I see the title, plus it has already caused chaos in  the home city.

Washington– Rapid loss of Arctic sea ice in recent decades is partly driven by natural swings, not just global warming triggered by human activities, says a study.  Gee, who knew? another from Lucianne.

Also actual snow forecast downgraded for New York City.  Okay, so they were a little over prepared, better than taken by surprise.

I’m glad we have the Daily Mail to tell us this: The Obama administration spent a record $36.2 million on legal costs in its last year in office in an attempt to keep government records secret.

I think most of my tech items are too old for this: We are all constantly surrounded by stuff  that can spy on us.

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